The Women Behind The Wrestlers: Meet Their Wives The Women Behind The Wrestlers: Meet Their Wives

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As well as being a wrestler, did you know that Corey is a professional piercer and used to work in a tattoo parlour! It was later confirmed on Dutch Mantell 's Facebook page that Lawler had suffered a heart attack.

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Or was it intentional? This experience paved the way for her big break when she became an announcer for WWE.

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New World Order — Main article: Aiden performs under the SmackDown brand, as had been welcomed into the Guerrero family. The two have also built a family together, having three daughters.

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Michelle is a semi retired professional wrestler, and she also practices Krav Maga, israeli martial arts, in her spare time. But even at the age of 50, Sable is still one of the most stunning women in the whole of wrestling.

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The pair got married inand the couple both told the press how happy they both were. Wrestlers dating 2012 met his bride-to-be on the set of End Game inwhere Giovanna was working as an actress, and Kurt had a role too.

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She is an actress and a model as well as being a professional wrestler, and she has won the WWE Divas Championship not just once, but twice. If we were Reigns, we would stay with Becker. Every other day there are more photos on Instagram, or more updates coming from Twitter.

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The pair actually met during an interview, with Brandi eager to meet the cute wrestler. The company specializes in fitness classes, personal training and fitness clothing.

In fact, following the West Virginia floods of last year, Heath travelled down to Clay County to help, while the family set up a gofundme page for the victims.

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Broken hearts and a fifteen-year age difference aside Alberto Del Rio is years-old, whereas Paige is 23their relationship actually seems natural when their respective backgrounds are taken into account. Heels typically inspire boos from the audience and often employ underhanded tactics, such as cheating and exploiting technicalities, in their fighting strategies, or use overly aggressive styles to cause excess pain or injury to their opponents.

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And Stone Cold Steve Austin has had his fair share of love interests since entering the ring in the early nineties. Kofi and Kori have two children together and when Kingston is not on tour with the rest of the Smackdown roster, the family live happily together in Tampa, Florida.