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A photo Tyler posted to Instagram from the boat party was the first hint that the two might be romantically involved.

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Her aim is to destroy her. He attacks Matt for letting Eloise go and threatens Sasha. There is turmoil as Matt distances himself from Sasha to make it easier for her to let go and start a new chapter of her life.

She began acting in with a role in Australian horror film Still Waters between and Felix hides in the local school, while Sasha steals money from the Diner till. I wouldn't have known what to do [at that age]. He is "sad and disappointed in himself" because Sasha did not feel safe to trust him with her problems sooner.

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Demi pictured on the set of Home and Away this week. But she's very keen on Casey because he's always been there and she hasn't really noticed him until now, so she becomes a bit curious. Harman ended up getting dragged out further than Haddy and she called the experience scary, Dating in mississauga felt safe as there were lifesavers on the beach.

Sasha's mother died from an accident and she and her younger half-brother Felix became orphans. She rejects him as she is dating Spencer, but he later breaks up with her.

The actor braves the waves for a photo shoot in Palm Beach last month Curves: Mammone explained "Demi is a lovely girl and a talented actress - she has handled this storyline like a veteran! When Sid is named as the prime suspect, Sasha confesses to killing Stu in self-defence and the police are informed.

Sasha replaces Tamara as school captain.

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This time Sid witnesses the attack and he beats Stu up. Sasha convinces Matt to let Eloise go into care. She is later found innocent. Sid asks Felix's father to let Felix move in with his family, but Felix's father refuses.

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Atkins, 27, even stays right behind his lady love as she climbs up the pool ladder to exit the water, barely a centimetre between them. Evelyn blames Sasha when Oscar is arrested by the police and Matt comes to her defence, but embarrasses Sasha in the process. Rosie tries to gain Sasha's attention by running into the surf.

Sasha befriends Rosie Prichard, but she soon becomes possessive. On the serial's official website, Sasha is described as originally coming from "just another working class family" who were "battling along".

They try to keep the relationship a secret from Spencer's ex-girlfriend, Maddy, but she finds out and becomes jealous. Felix runs away from his home and finds Sasha. Harman said that there is "huge danger" for the both of them, as the beach is not being patrolled and Sasha is not a confident swimmer.

Through this she slowly falls in love with him. Sasha learns that Matt is performing at Phoebe Nicholson 's Isabella Giovinazzo music launch in the city and she joins other Summer Bay residents on a bus to the launch. He chooses Tamara, which leaves Sasha upset.

He chooses Tamara, which leaves Sasha upset. Sasha struggles to forgive Casey.

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He initially appears uncaring as he is forced to work shifts at the hospital. She just carries on letting it happen until it begins happening in public. Sasha finds John has collapsed and she calls Sid, who sends an ambulance. After Stu died, she starts a relationship with Xavier, but she left him for his friend, Casey Braxton, but Sasha and Xavier remains as friends.

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Our research tells us Home and Away is watched a lot by mums and teenagers.