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Not having absolute freedom on this front and not being able to tailor every aspect of your site to your niche is a limitation.

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The software used by WLD is robust and their package on offer does get the greed juices flowing. The use of sub-domains on any of our top level domains is possible as well as using your own domain name.

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If you have dating sites with us that are performing well, you can submit them to our affiliate marketing network where you can recruit your own affiliates and manage your own affiliate offers. The platform allows you to target a select number of typical niches. Build up your own portfolio of businesses and individuals working for you and then just relax and cash in on commissions for the rest of your lifetime with us.

If you already have a relevant community and really cant be arsed to manage a dating site, then WLD is an option and could bring in a decent income.

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You further acknowledge and accept that other members of the Service that you may view and communicate with via the Service may have registered with and accessed the Service through a number of different web sites. Monitor your campaign performance with our detailed reporting tools in the admin interface and start generating revenue from day one.

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It is time you take advantage of the significant knowledge pool that now as our partner you have at your disposition. The Service is offered through and accessible through a number of other websites in addition to the Site.

I guess they liked the fully managed offering that WLD provide as opposed to employing an extra person to look after it all.

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You reply and then eagerly wait to hear back…. Choose the website you want to promote, select the promo tool and the tracking code and incorporate into your marketing campaigns.

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This specific and targeted niche dating traffic will bring you higher profit margins and faster return on your investment. The interface allows for easy CSS editing and file uploading, giving you the full tool set to build your dating brand.

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All you need to do is get a domain name and market your site. Dating templates You can have a fully functioning site up and running in less than 5 minutes! Affiliate program Dating Affiliate Program With the Dating Factory white label and affiliate dating platform you can run your own online network marketing program.

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A number of previous partners that I contacted said the only support they got were continually prompts to spend money on Google AdWords campaigns. That can bring in a quick buck if you attack a relatively uncompetitive niche but bearing in mind that most of your customers will end up unhappy, it just seems wrong.

Niche dating websites Niche dating sites are growing in popularity for a good reason.

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I like the sound of that. Bespoke design using web2 methodology, pre populated databases, your own URL all throughout the website, sets of banners to go with your website, internal pages and layout customization, responsive websites, multiple languages, niche targeting, database filtering, payment options plus lots more, you have White label dating partner portal at your disposal to make your website truly unique.

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Another common complaint has been strange messaging patters. They help singles find more specific matches based on interests, passions, tastes and hobbies. An alternative to WLD is to buy an awesome dating script and then manage that or have someone manage it for you.

Everyone on the dating site ignores you but then suddenly, a day before your subscription is due to expire you get an email from an awesome looking lady.