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The show brings you a new set of events with each growing episode, of course regarding supernatural beings. Blood Lad is an overall really interesting anime, as the combination of the comedy, action, and a touch of ecchi come together quite nicely.

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Originally based on the same manga adaptation, the series gained quite some attention from the anime community. We bring you lovely dreams of a maiden, from the squeeze of your heart, to a serious boys love adventure.

Rumored to be very powerful and ruthless, Staz, in reality, is quite the slacker and an ignorant vampire who is secretly an otaku and basically obsessed with anything made from the human world. The side effects from his near-death experience started to kick in, soon he was able to regenerate wounds and have greatly enhanced vision.

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Will the humans emerge victoriously? Who will you choose? With his new found ability, he tries to go about his day, but more strange things happen, forcing Koyomi to take further action in helping other people regarding issues that dabble in with the supernatural realm.

The character development of the protagonist is also something to look forward to, especially the ignorant Staz Charlie Blood and his goal to resurrect a human girl named, Fuyumi Yanagi by any means necessary. Find out more in Shiki! After the sudden mysterious death of a girl named Megumi Shimizu in the village of Sotoba, a strange epidemic seemed to be brewing.

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken takes the plot in a nostalgic 90s settings, with that peculiar touch of old-school animation style. From the title, you can already guess and anticipate the thrilling suspense that this anime might bring. So prepare your vampire costume for this coming Halloween and get ready to turn somebody into blood sucking, creatures!

Watch as the relationship and partnership of the two, join forces to defeat any other magical threats!

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With the main character being a vampire, watch as Koyomi Araragi tries to help those who has a supernatural related issues! Will she be able to fully remember her past? Based on the choices you make during the story your love outcome will change! But on one faithful night, everything changes.

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In fact, you will not be disappointed, as the anime contained graphical bloody scenes, some exciting ecchi cuts, and action-packed plot all over! Thanks to his lack of grades, Tsukune Aono was unable to enroll in high school.

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Vampire fans Someone who wants a sexy lover Wants to be eaten Someone who wants to enjoy a love with a tsundere Someone who wants love now Someone who likes dating sims Dating sim first timers Someone who loves making their avatars cute and fashionable. The appeal of these nightlife creatures is without a doubt, something to be mesmerized.

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Little that he know that the mask harbor sinister power, turning him into a vampire. A tsundere, sweet lover, or the jealous type. A sweet yet sour love between two male students, A simple and passionate love, A forbidden love with an idol, Teasing a man till he burst with jealousy He's cold towards you, but he's really looking after you when you're not watching.

Having being saved from the brink of death, he woke up realizing he was somehow different. It all begins with the arrival of Dio Brando one day to the Joestar Mansion. One day he claims you're his sacrifice. Be it video games, manga, even the humans itself. July - June Taking the number 4 spot on the list, we have Bakemonogatari!

This series is perfect for those of you that likes to binge watch anime. With the "best tasting blood" I became the center of a war?! This can be seen as the traditional vampire weaknesses are shown in this series, such as unable to walk around at noon or exposed to sunlight, and then, of course, the mysterious chic.

We bring you the stories women want to read.

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Or will be they be forever held captive as livestock for feeding? A few episodes in and you will realize as to why the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise has such a solid fan base! Although this anime is considered to be one of the classics, JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken is still popular amongst the anime fans.