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Sean does the surgeries to get Eden out of her contract, but Eden revealed that she never wanted out of her porn contract and was only using him to get free surgery. Later, in disguise, she sneaks into the practice and stabs Sean in the back while he is operating on Annie, only to get stabbed and killed by Sean despite being gravely wounded.

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Once the surgery is done, Ava says she does not want the baby when she learns some of his scars will remain permanently, making him an outcast just as Ava used to be.

Julia survives but doesn't remember that Eden shot her, and Eden gets away again with her crime.

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During a camping trip with Sean, Annie and Connor, Teddy tries to kill all three of them by drugging them with sleeping pills and flooding the camper with carbon monoxide.

Eden later tells Sean that she lied and kisses Sean and admits she likes him. She helped Quentin escape from the country by faking his death, by shooting him whilst he was wearing a bullet proof vest and then fled to Spain with him.

She first appears when she walks into Sean's office, requesting to get her hymen repaired claiming that it is for a boy that she is current dating who still thinks that she's a virgin.

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Apparently has taken on the symbolic role of Sean's inner voice for aggressive behavior. Eden agrees to have sex with Sean again, but during sex, Sean has a bad reaction from consuming ecstasy.

Instead, Sean and Christian gave him the face of another wanted criminal and he was arrested at the airport while attempting to flee the country. Sean later enlists the help of his co-star, Aidan to get Eden back. James Troy speed dating tattoo kills herself in front of Michelle, rather than turn Wilber's kidneys over to Escobar.

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However, Sean has no idea that Teddy is in fact a "Black Widow," a female serial killer who marries men and later kills them and is living a double life. Sean and Christian refused to do the surgery.

Eden then sets out on an evil and twisted ploy to get back at Sean for refusing her advances by becoming friends with Sean's daughter, Annie.

When she noticed Sean squirming, she realizes that Sean is attracted to underage girls and tries to seduce him, but he rejects her and she leaves. Michelle Landau worked under her as an escort to pay her way through medical school. When Eden comes back from rehab, she follows through with her threat and tells Sean about Christian's affair with Julia, but Sean doesn't believe her.

Stepmother to Adrian Moore and was married to Dr. Eden further tries to destroy Annie's life by getting her a boyfriend and she indirectly gets Annie expelled from school for encouraging her to give her boy-crush a blowjob in a bathroom stall and letting her get caught.

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When the test results get back, she finds out Eden has been slowly poisoning her. Julia Troy speed dating tattoo sick, and has tests done to figure out what's wrong with her. After Julia breaks up with Olivia, Eden then attempts to kill Julia by putting liquid mercury in a fruitcake and other foods that she gives to Julia.

Eden comes to Sean, hoping that he'd help her.

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Later, Escobar convinces Christian and Sean to restore his original face. Sean is later called by the police, who find a human heart in the forest nearby, DNA from which matches blood from Teddy's hair. Tim Stack describes her as an "obsessed teddy-bear enthusiast. It is revealed later in the season that James LeBeau has been working for him.


Sean then tells Julia and Christian about his affair with Eden and breaks up with her. Later, after being rejected again, she leaves the dead body of the agent in Sean's apartment.

In the fourth-season finale, he is killed by his greedy and long-abused wife, Gala Gallardo, so she could take over his drug dealing business all for herself. James is also the mastermind of an organ theft ring that targeted Liz, and she uses Michelle as a decoy for this purpose.

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Sean finds out Eden was behind this and confronts her, but Eden play-acts as the innocent individual and claims that she had nothing to do with Annie's Provo hook up. Eden decides to kill Julia and shoots her in the head with her own gun.

She later drops out of school and enters the adult film industry and stars in a movie with Kimber. It's revealed that she runs a teddy bear kiosk at a mall and is confirmed to be an unlicensed agent. Appeared briefly in a dream in the Season 2 finale, encouraging Sean to kill the Carver.

Fled to Paris, France to avoid being implicated in her adopted son's murder.