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Spam and scams G5iv3 Don't waste your time downloading the app, delete your topface profile and go somewhere else. The whole site is full of women from Russia, you search in New York and out of 20 about 17 are Russian, and that's the same story through out a lot of cities that you search.

What's the point of a dating app when you can't talk to anyone and you know what I've been seeing this a lot in some dating apps Topface dating and chat it's sad. G5iv3 Don't waste your time downloading the app, delete your topface profile and go somewhere else.

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This app is could've been good Feb 19, Sweettooth00 Okay so I'm a guy and we all people get lonely sometimes and then we think about online dating apps There is a FAQ section but you know already that they are computer generated generic questions with the same dry answers.

So I hope you read this and please don't download this app it's horrible okay it could've been good but nope they ruined themselves. First thing I enter the app it pops up get 7 free days VIP but when you click on it they expect you to pay for it so what's the point!

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Anyways the girls for the most part they are all beautiful ladies and they just want somewhere to be and someone to be with. Who ever comes here giving a positive review most likely works for topface, but if you really want to find out for yourself, go ahead and waste your money.

Nov 24, east coast spaz Well, I haven't really been active that much on it and some of it sorta confuses me just cause I don't know enough about it and it's not like it explains that much to ya. There are also a high number of fake profiles made my spammers and scammers. Dating boot camp the worst thing of all is when I tried to text someone that viewed me it said that Topface dating and chat need to be a VIP member to text people" this is crazy!

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Hicks amen check em out ya know? There's a lot of spam and spammers trying to scam you, basically every like that you get is from someone trying to get you to a webcam site, porn subscription site or trying to scam money out of you.

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I don't know that m that person or even that GOOD of a person to even be considered for that role, but I gotta stay in touch with the. It is what it is.

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The are all worth checking out. There's a small monthly fee if you want to be part of the site but if you want to chat and see who "likes" you, you have to also pay for that and a few other options, and it's not like these options last a month along with your monthly subscription, they last only a few hours.

These people that run the site want to charge you for everything. Not really stuff that a human being would have an answer about or need.