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My friends and I gathered around the TV to play this one for hours at a time Graphics were subpar, but gameplay made up the difference.

15 February

My friends and I spent hours playing this game. Quite simple, used to scare us to death and probably can be called "the grandfather of 3d games".

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Strategy is based on an economical system. Drive as fast as you can, avoid the cops, stop for food and gas or a bit of gamblingand use nitrous to jump bridges. Munchman This was a Texas Instruments game kind of like Pac-man but each level the bad guys would change.

Pretty good graphics for the time and good strategy Fireworks Construction Kit How stupid was this? To escape you had to reach the top of the bottom, and have a hole in the seeds roof I still play this game on the C Featured the Champs vs.

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You could jump to avoid bullets or shoot a bullet as you were going down. Sorta like Pitfall and Donky Kong. Enemies such as birds, mummies, turtles, and orbs float around the screen, making Jack lose a life if he touches them.

Your mission was to find woman that would to 'sleep' with you. Deflector A great action-puzzle thingy by the legendary Costa Panayi.

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The opening music was absolutely the best. I played this for days on Apple IIe until I finally beat it. When you let our partners use cookies to collect similar data that we do on our sites, they can provide ads on our sites that they think match your interests, like deals related to products you love, and measure, report and analyse your interactions with them.

All you basically did was climb a mountain while avoiding various objects and animals Alternate Reality: Dont you love our humanities class?

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You could take courier missions, turn vigilante, compete in tournaments or try to ambush anyone who drive by. It was supposed to be the 1st of 7 but on The City and The Dungeon got released. Came with the computer if memory serves me correctly. Basically a texted base game with very intricate drawings scrolling down to provide some eye candy to your own imagination.

This was an Atari game ed.

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Broadsides This game was on the Apple II computer. Artic Fox 1st person tank sim shootem up. Aztec This was a great game for the Apple. The first combat flight sim I'd ever seen.

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It was for the Apple ][ and it was awesome. Manic Miner It was Jet Set Willy's first "episode", and it took place in a mine, in which you had to collect items golden keys. This was one of the first games to introduce magic on a more realistic-tolkienesk perspective and actually seemed to have some thought from the responses.

You were a little guy, and you had to buy tickets and take trains regular and express to different cities.

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