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He becomes close to Nita, which briefly causes Tris' jealousy, and is convinced to take part in her rebellion against the genetically pure leaders of the Bureau. During the secret meeting of Dauntless, Four, Tori and Harrison are selected as new leaders.

The film's star - Shailene Woodley - wore a floor-length golden gown, which had a dramatic edge to it. Despite giving birth to her third child in December, Kate looked fabulous in her long red dress Paying tribute: The other shoulder was left bare but some of her back was exposed.

The trailer also reveals the first signs of a growing attraction between the pair, with Four placing his hands around Tris's waist during training. His mother supposedly died and left him with his abusive father.

Tori, played by Maggie Q, administers the test that reveals Tris to be divergent Eagerly awaited: Scroll down for video That's one way to get noticed!

During the fight he, Tris, Caleb and Susan manage to escape through boarding a train, which is full of factionless including former Dauntless Edward, who leads them to the factionless leader who is also Four's mother Evelyn. To celebrate Choosing Day, Four scatters Tris' ashes while riding a zipline with his friends, having come to accept her sacrifice and death.

Four is indirectly responsible for the explosion that causes Uriah's brain damage and eventual death, which he feels a deep guilt with that he never lets go for the rest of his life. He has dark blue eyes and dark brown hair with a scar on his chin and a few freckles on his nose.

Tris proves her bravery as she's put through a series of mental and physical trials Blossoming romance: He also makes an agreement with the factionless to destroy Erudite and establish a new government.

The serum through which Erudite control Dauntless does not work on Tris and Four as they both are Divergent.

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Theo and Shailene look ready for action in the new poster for the film, which comes out on March 21 in the US Advertisement. He gets the nickname "Four" from Theo james shailene woodley dating rumors instructor Amar due to having only four fears: He also finds out that Erudite are planning to use Dauntless to attack on Abnegation.

British actor Theo James plays Shailene's love interest Four in the new film Based on New York Times best seller Divergent by Veronica Roth, the sci-fi film stars Woodley, 21, as Beatrice 'Tris' Prior, who lives in a dystopian Chicago, which is split into five factions that reflect the personality of each inhabitant.

He was deeply shocked and hurt when he finds out that Tris aligned with his father Marcus, but they later reconcile. Foreign Language films are eligible for awards in other categories provided they meet the requirements of Awards Rules Two and Three.

However, fans of the book will have to wait a little longer to see the film, which will open on March 21 in the US. He and Tris also admit their love to each other. They sentence Eric to death and Four executes him. During simulation initiation, he finds out that Tris Theo james shailene woodley dating rumors Divergent like him; he tells her to be careful about it and deletes the footage of the incident.

Shailene and Theo looked elegant in their premiere attire as they posed for pictures on the carpet And of course, no teen franchise would be complete without a hunky love interest, and in Divergent it comes in the form of Theo James as Four real name Tobias Eaton.

And her luck doesn't end there as James, who plays her mentor Four, later removes his shirt to reveal a muscular torso covered in mysterious black tattoos.

This means she does not fit into any one faction and soon discovers a sinister plot brewing in the seemingly perfect society. Scroll down for video Eagerly awaited: He also surrenders himself to Entj dating infp and later he and Tris escape the Erudite headquarters with the help of Peter.

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An exception to the above exists in the four Acting categories, where simply listing titles would not provide enough voting information.

And there is another indication that their bond has deepened when Four declares: In the epilogue set two and a half years afterward, Four becomes an assistant council member of the new Chicago and moves to a new apartment as further away from his former home.

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But it was no doubt worth it for Shailene Woodley's character Tris, after she's greeted by a smouldering Theo James in the first full-length Divergent trailer. As a result, Tris decides to sacrifice herself but he begs her not to. Four, along with others, secretly observes a meeting between Candor representative Jack and Erudite representative Max, who wants Eric back but the meeting becomes unsuccessful as Max gets killed.

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The dress appeared to resemble the infamous Versace gown that catapulted Hurley's career Ashley Judd - who plays the drab mother of the film's heroine - also showed off in a plunging neckline.