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Outside a party, Caroline and Elena find their roommate Megan thrown from the second floor of a house with a bite mark on her neck, and realize there is another vampire at the college. While Caroline has several relationships throughout the show, the one that really got fans hoping for a happy ending was her romance with Klaus, one of the originals.

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Unfortunately their off-screen love affair ended in early May … just as their on-screen romance sprouted new life. Matthew will also reprise his role of hunter Alaric, on the final season of The Originals.

Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett

However, unknown to her, this 'Art of Expression' draws magic from the spirits of a massacre. When Tyler returns to Mystic Falls, he and Caroline become closer and in the season three premiere, they sleep together. In the beginning of the series, Caroline is shown as shallow, self-absorbed and envious of Elena.

Bonnie manages to petrify Silas.

Candice Accola & Steven R. McQueen

Vincent Alocada Thu 6 Apr During the plan to get the cure, Caroline and Tyler watch over Klaus, who is trapped in the Gilbert home by Bonnie. Caroline doesn't want Tyler to go because she loves him but knows it is for the best. She looks for ways to break the Travelers' spell on Mystic Falls so that they can go home this is later accomplished when Kai absorbs the magic.

Killed Off for Real: The actress became famous due to her role of the big-hearted Elena in The Vampire Diaries. Later on, Bonnie reconnects with her mother, Abby, who had abandoned her as a child, and who helps her to kill the original vampires.


Caroline turns off her humanity as she can't deal with the pain of Liz dying. Their romance ended in July when a rep revealed that the two stars were divorcing. She was a background dancer for Missy Elliott, Pharrell, and Jamie Foxx, to name a few, and also participated in music videos for artists like John Legend and Justin Bieber.

Claire Holt — in real life Claire began her acting career in an adventure show about mermaids called H2O: She also starred in the spin-off of a BBC adventure drama, Primeval: She eventually brings the veil back up, leaving Jeremy who she resurrected as the only one who can see her.

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev

Kat Graham — in real life Kat Graham is not only an actress, but also a model, dancer, and singer-songwriter. Three years later, she had romantic a relationship with Enzo.

However, upon finding the cure, Jeremy is killed by Silas.

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While Jenna is tragically killed by Klaus, the flash forward on the series finale shows her reunited with Elena, after her death.

Damon used her in many ways, compelling her to forget much of it. I get the weekend off so we get to experience a little of that.

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Caroline assumes that Tyler will join them at Whitmore College. In fact, her powers were so great that they allowed her to destroy hell itself, annihilating the various evil creatures that lived within it.

After she is turned, everyone around her suddenly looks like a walking blood bag. Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev rumors: In the end, he and Caroline open a school for supernatural children together. Shortly after, Caroline is forced to say goodbye to Stefan when he sacrifices his life to save Elena and Damon.