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The Passio is very likely the source text of the more well-known accounts found in Gildas and Bede. They once again call on him during their voyage home, and Alban is credited with providing smooth sailing for their voyage back to the continent.

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A spring immediately sprang up at his feet. Wood's argument was based partly on the idea that the name Albanus is suggestive of Albion as the oldest name for Britain, but for him, the name Alban suggested simply 'the man from Albion' rather than an actual 'personification' of the island and its people.

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Original sources and modern historians indicate a range of dates between and It has been claimed but doubted St albans dating some that a memoria over the execution point and holding the remains of St Alban may have existed at the site from c.

The acta were then written down in tituli translated above as 'placards': On the Continent[ edit ] There has also been an extensive cult of Saint Alban on the Continent from an early date such as in Kwayedza dating, Cologne and Basel on the Rhine as well as a number of other localities in Switzerland and Italy and a notable concentration in the French Alpine regions and the Rhone Valley.

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He therefore argues against the conclusion of Woods and Garcia that the martyr Alban was unknown before being invented by Germanus. Pantaleon's Church, Cologne holds relics said to be those of the British martyr Alban as noted above.

There can be no certainty, however, that the martyr referred to is actually Saint Alban.

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If the latter is the case, by being on public display, they might have served to give a definitive version of the saint's martyrdom, which could not be contradicted or reinterpreted for instance by the addition of 'Pelagian' themes [29] In any case, it has been argued by Sharpe and Wood that these acta written down in tituli were actually the original, very simple and short, first version of the Passio Albani that has come down in the 'E' and later versions [30] That is very possible but, of course, quite unprovable, but it seems clear that the Passio originates with the circle of Germanus at Auxerre.

Filled with an ardent desire to arrive quickly at martyrdom, Alban raised his eyes to heaven, and the river dried up, allowing Alban and his captors to cross over on dry land.

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We also offer group discounts, so organise a group of friends and take advantage of our Speed Dater discount code. Dating controversy[ edit ] The date of Alban's execution has never been firmly established.

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This suggests there was at least a shrine but quite possibly a church to him at Verulamium by then. Thornhill proposed that Albans was in some sense a personification of Albion the oldest recorded name for Britain and that his cult was used by Verulamium the modern St Albans in its efforts to unify and establish its dominance over the old Roman province of Britannia.

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Singles in St Albans can attend our dating nights in Mokoko twice a month and meet new people for friendship and dating. This theory received little support or even notice, but in the historian Ian Wood proposed independently that he was an 'invention' of Saint Germanus of Auxerre.

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Dating Hertfordshire is here to stay — try a St Albans singles night and see what all the talk is about. The largest relic of St albans dating Alban in England is the thigh of the protomartyr preserved at St Michael's Benedictine AbbeyFarnborough, Hampshirewhich was removed from the St Pantaleon's reliquary in the s.

Alban refused, and declared, "I worship and adore the true and living God who created all things.