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And be sure to let us know how you get on!

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At the after-work parties, however, strangers tend to get talking to each other quite easily. These you can very easily show up to on your own. And I don't imagine there'd be any problem turning up and just speaking English. It's difficult to show up at those places as a girl on your own though.

Find a girlfriend first and then go together. Or see Juke and Joy - the people who organise many of these parties. However there are a whole bunch of German sites.

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The after-work parties are for meeting Germans. Alternatively, just go to a whole bunch of different events organised right here through this website.

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Don't bother with the bar scene because here people tend to come with their own friends and don't mix. There are just over 12, native English-speakers living in the city.

And as cabbagefairy says above, most Germans speak English anyway.

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As for speed dating events, again, there are none that are dedicated for English-speakers. See the TT chat topic about speed dating in Munich.

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A large majority of these, however, are young professionals - many of them single. If you're dead set on meeting native English-speakers, the obvious choice is to go to one of the Irish pubs on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. A number of members of this forum have met their wives and husbands at those pubs, particularly the first.

The total English-speaking scene in Munich is quite small, nevermind the even smaller dating scene.

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Here's TT's list of recommended dating sites for Munich. There have already been three marriages as a direct result of people who met over this site eg. There are lots of German-organised events, however. You're pretty likely to meet lots of Eastern-Europeans too - mostly peeps from former-Yugoslavia and Ukrainians - as well as many other nationalities.

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TT tried organising one once but most of the people who turned up for the event already knew each other, so it was pointless. Once you've met someone, see the TT topic about best bars for a first date.

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There are no dating websites in Munich that are dedicated to English-speakers - the community is too small to support such a site. As for meeting people accidently, in a non-organised setting, probably the best places for this in Munich are the so-called "after-work parties".

So I'd just register yourself on a German site with an English profile and see what response you get. It'd make you stand out from the crowd, for sure.

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