Exhumation and reburial of Richard III of England - Wikipedia Exhumation and reburial of Richard III of England - Wikipedia

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He argues that on the basis of the present scientific evidence "identification with Richard III is more unlikely than likely". In Alderman Newton's Boys' School built a schoolhouse on part of the site.

The positive indicators were that the body was of an adult male; it was buried beneath the choir of the church; it had severe scoliosis of the spine possibly making one shoulder higher than the other.

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Only two options received significant public support, with Leicester receiving 3, more signatures than York. The University of Leicester Archaeological Services—an independent body with offices at the university—was appointed as the project's archaeological contractor.

The discoveries, such as the very precise carbon dating and medical evidence, will serve as a benchmark for other studies.

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In a project co-funded by Leicester City Council and the University of Leicester, a single trench about twice the area of the trenches was excavated. The map of Leicester drawn by Speed incorrectly shows Greyfriars where the former Blackfriars was, suggesting that he had looked for the grave in the wrong place.

Ashdown-Hill had used genealogical research to track down matrilineal descendants of Anne of York, Richard's older sister, whose matrilineal line of descent is extant through her daughter Anne St Leger.

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Sunday 22 March It is more likely that it was salvaged from one of the religious establishments demolished following the Dissolution. Cutting-edge research has been used in the project and the work has really only just begun.

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Archaeologist Richard Buckley admitted the project was a long Best online male dating profile And it is, of course, an incredible story. Ekroll proposed to start with Harald Hardradawho was probably buried anonymously in Trondheimbeneath what is today a public road.

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Mass spectrometry carried out on the bones found evidence of much seafood consumption, which is known to make radiocarbon dating samples appear older than they are.

As the bones were lifted from the ground, a piece of rusted iron was found underneath the vertebrae.

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Mathematician Rob Eastaway calculated that Richard III may have millions of living collateral descendants, saying that "we should all have the chance to vote on Leicester versus York". The location of Richard III's body has long been of interest to the members of the Richard III Societya group established to bring about a reappraisal of the King's tarnished reputation.

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Three burials identified but not excavated in the project were tackled afresh. She joined forces with Langley and Ashdown-Hill to carry out further research, [27] in the course of which she found what she called a "smoking gun"—a medieval map of Leicester showing the Greyfriars Church at the north end of what was now the car park.

One of these five was found to be unrelated to the other four, showing that another false-paternity event had occurred in the four generations separating them.