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Send Out Invitations -- You should try to do it at least three weeks before the event, and ask participants to RSVP so that you can get a head count. Within a week after the event, study the cards and pass on the contact details of any matches.

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Contributor Planning a speed dating event let you play Cupid to dozens of people at the same time. Above all, respect the process.

What is Speed Dating?

Another variation matches people up ahead of time based on their purpose for attending the speed networking event.

For everyone who you interact with, ask them to say something on camera. You could also look into partnering with an online dating site like Match.

If you plan to serve food, ask the restaurant or caterer to prepare simple appetizers that are easy to eat in small bites.

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Many businesses charge participants a registration or cover fee, which, along with food drink sales, will increase your revenue. Establish the Ground Rules -- Be sure participants know how long each conversation will be, what to do when the bell rings and what happens at the end of the speed dating session.

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The first person introduces themselves and their purpose, and a very brief conversation takes place. Small bar tables or other two-person seating arrangements are ideal. The first speed dating event took place in California in late and was inspired by a rabbi who sought to help Jewish singles meet new people and get married.

Once the round begins, you introduce yourself and your purpose for being there, share your business card and perhaps, business brochure. You may be able to obtain a discount, due to the large number of people likely to spend money at the venue while at your event.

Remember that you have a few seconds to make a positive first impression.

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At the end of the event, participants write down the names of anyone they are interested in; if there is a match, the host will forward contact information to both people within a day or so. When it comes to hosting Dating sites london ont perfect speed dating night, a little preparation goes a long way.

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Call or email those individuals who selected potential matches to give them the information they need to establish contact.

However, in speed networking events, the participants readily share contact information with Speed dating host tips other and decide themselves who they will follow up with.

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Each person you meet has a network of individuals they know, and it may be one of those persons who will be a good match for you.

Additionally, provide each individual with a card and writing utensil for them to note the dates they felt the most connection with and are interested in getting to know further. Include check boxes before each person's name.

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As you meet each person, shake hands and exchange names and business cards. Tip Consider asking guests to fill in a booking form before they attend the event, providing you with their name and contact details.

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If your own connections come up short, try posting a flyer at your church, workplace or gym, or creating a Facebook event and asking friends Speed dating host tips spread the word. Speed networking takes its cue from speed dating, an event where individuals are allowed a short amount of time to meet a number of prospective dates, one at a time, and then choose who they would like to provide their contact information.