3 killed in North Circular crash 'during high-speed race' | Daily Mail Online 3 killed in North Circular crash 'during high-speed race' | Daily Mail Online

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If it was just one loco out of 3 I'd say fine None can pull a hot knife through melted butter. I have had many wonderful Bachmann locomotives.


This reconstruction attempts to present a version of the performance that would have taken the place of the Ummagumma album, only utilizing studio recordings and condensing the performance down to two sides of a vinyl album.

Ex AUD some silence due to tape change. As I recall my source got this by burying his Euro contact with tons of live Neil Young before the guy gave up a copy. These locomotives also are in Western Maryland livery.

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Sourced from a low-generation reel-to-reel. I hear the centers of the wheels on these things warp.


Released on December 17, This is "recorder 2". All run just the same, no better and no worse 10 years later.

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The tape may need replaced after a while. This is a high definition audio DVD release. Pink Floyd - Seattle Coliseum Whatever game you feel like turning on, we've got it here.

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It should be noted that unlike the other sources, Echoes is totally uncut and includes Roger's words "This is the new piece, it's called Echoes" at the beginning.

A Man of Leisure Music presentation. He called into the audience and pointed at a kid somewhere off to my right - just in front of him.

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Each one had its strong points in different areas and he suggested an amalgamation of the two. White was a noted PF collector who passed away in Watch some of the you tube videos of the thru Tyrone, PA trying to maintain restricted speed with a heavy load, doesnt work well on a 80" driver engine!

This version is Eqd.

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Vinyl rip by Doinker.