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The County Hall, made a listed building indates largely from the mids and is decorated with fine artworks of that period, mostly the gift of the family who owned the textile firm Courtaulds. Five of the wolves escaped from the zoo this morning Timber Wolves, pictured at Colchester Zoo, are 'naturally timid' provided they are not cornered.

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The cost of their wages alone must have been phenomenal. Maria Medlycott Tides and Floods: Shaping the Archaeological Profession: There are many defined building features and buttressing on this section of the wall, most of it probably from the medieval period.

The gate faced west.

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Volume 1 Assessing the contribution of commercial archaeology to the study of Roman Essex, It was built on the foundations of a Roman temple and the Castle Museum showcases the history of the site, with exhibits from both periods of history, interactive displays and tours of the Roman vaults.

The world's largest and longest-running annual animal rights gathering, since A member of the zoo's firearm team is pictured searching for the wolves this morning Police launched a helicopter to search a wider area for the missing wolves in Colchester, Essex At around 4pm, seven shots rang out as it was killed.


Travel These new homes in Colchester are ideally located for travel into London, with the main railway station just 10 minutes drive away. Whatever the case, our Roman wall's age pales into insignificance by comparison with that of the Jurassic era.

In contrast, west and south-west Essex is one of the most affluent parts of eastern England, forming part of the London commuter belt.

This was filled with layers of mortar and septaria which were simply poured or thrown in alternately until the top of the trench was reached.

A horse trough filled with flowers gives a clue to an earlier use of this area.

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This fits perfectly with the aftermath of the Boudican destruction. They also served to introduce Roman law and culture to the native population. Whether or not a wall would have been sufficient defence against Boadicea, remains unknown, as the might of the Roman army in Britain was away in the west at the time, leaving the colonia lightly defended.

Come for any length of time from a day visit to the full two weeks.

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What have you got to lose? Victor Gray Ambrose James Fawn: We don't know who demolished the wall and when or why, although it is quite possible that, being on sloping ground that was liable to flooding, the wall may simply have fallen over and become irrepairable. A very rich man. Hazel Martingell A Scandinavian traded flint axe?: Helen Walker A tower at Fingringhoe: So they constructed a fortress in two locations, one near to modern day Gosbecks, the other, on the hill that overlooked modern day Sheepen and Gosbecks.

Phillippa Sparrow Shorter notes: One of the wolves returned to the enclosure and another was successfully drugged with an anaesthetic dart and recaptured.

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It is believed that the colonia was expanded to the size that is surrounded by our magnificent Roman wall - but without the wall. The jury is out as to how they should interprete this find, because it could mean that, if such a gate exists here, is there a corresponding gate on the south face of the town wall, and other similar gates at the positions of the medieval bastions that you will later come to during the course of your virtual walk around the wall?

This was built on the site of a high status Roman villa, where some magnificent floor mosaics were discovered. Hazel Martingell Saxon skeleton at Bradwell on Sea: Volume 38 Contents Excavations of Mesolithic and Neolithic flint scatters and accompanying environmental sequences at Tank Hill Road, Purfleet,