Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Florida Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Florida

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Best times have been between the hours of 3: Gainesville - 13th Street Wal-Mart - A woman has been seen and felt by those of developed psychic sense. Augustine is an affordable couples' retreat, offering a selection of romantic rooms, some with water views.

Room is haunted by the ghost of Captain Wood.

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Ocala - Ritz Historical Inn - Rich socialite from NY would spend summers here and would have parties during prohibition. According to local legend they never found her body. There is a scary feeling in those rooms. There is also golf, tennis and indulgent treatments at the spa.

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A man that was not permitted to see the woman because her parents despised him. It is known as the Bridal floor as a death occurred in a honeymooners stay. During office hours, he moves things from desks. The story goes that a worker brought his young son to the Dating joburg site one day and showed him around.

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Late at night after closing the spirit will turn lights on and off and also the appliances. The Leopard Lounge serves international cuisine.

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Brooksville - The Brooksville Heritage Museum - People have seen and heard things unexplained things in that mansion that is now a museum. A Vietnam veteran-- a fellow soldier-- reported that a man in grey was walking around the cemetery and at one point appeared and saluted him.

Also people in Fort Pierce say that they have seen lights switching on and off and verticals moving.

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Tom Petty, who is from Gainesville, sings about her in his song "American Girl. Including screaming, talking and breathing. Black Creek - Black Creek Cemetery - Had an old church next to the cemetery that was built in the 's. Montverde - Montverde Academy - DAR, the girl's dorm, built in the 20s or 30s, has had eerie sounds of footsteps running up stairs and doors slamming during the months when the school is not in session and the dormitory is empty.

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A surgeon was summoned to crudely stitch him up just enough to keep him alive until the execution. His apparition can be seen waving and staring from the docks and under the pavilion were he was murdered by a shot gun.

Crestview - Cobb Cemetery - On a normal basis, this cemetery is haunted by a ghost that walks among the grave at about 1: The hotel rents rooms out and has resident psychics available daily.

Miami - Krome Insane Asylum - Many people have seen strange figures, heard many noises.

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Presidents stayed there during their visits to the city. Fort Pierce - Speed dating boca raton florida Buffet - This restaurant was closed down for selling cats and dogs as a meal. Augustinebrowse romantic getaways in MiamiFLor go on a family vacation to Orlando.

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