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Considered works of art and created by an artist Sasha's dolls were sold from her studio and through the Heimatwerk shops in Switzerland.

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The planning for future Festivals is all ready underway: The German Sasha from both productions is marked on their backs and necks with the Sasha logo, while the English dolls are unmarked. They are made from hard vinyl, are perfectly balanced and can pose alone.

The Sasha doll is both a part of toy history and a representation of one doll maker's wishes for humanity — something you cannot get from most toys and collectibles.

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Their skin colourings are blended to represent all the children of the world, and they have individually hand painted faces with soft expressions. This set was also put into a sleeve binder, along with a printed out set of the s Sasha Dolls — A Picture Catalog of the Gotz Production from — The early German Sashas are more plentiful in Europe than in America, while the reverse is true for the English dolls.

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Often the dolls are wearing different outfits to those they wore when for sale. They have side parted hair and thin wispy bangs.

Be sure to refresh this page every time you log on. Tridias was the first shop in the UK to Sasha doll dating Sasha dolls first in our Bath branch, and then over the 20 years of UK production in all our stores in the UK. Robin and Charlotte were friendly with the Doggerts of Trendon see below and avid enthusiasts and supporters of Sasha dolls.

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The early German Sasha is more plentiful in Europe than in America, while the reverse is true for the English dolls. These were handmade and expensive to buy. Her vision was to create sculptural dolls that reflected the innocence of children of all races and cultures.

Published by Benteli Verlag, Switzerland. No two Sasha dolls are ever exactly alike. These dolls are considered museum-quality works of art, created by an artist who turned to doll-making to portray her vision. Sometimes it is updated several times in one day!

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Include at least your zip code, or country if outside the USA, so I can calculate the shipping. I have a small selection. This is the first book of three I think.

Today, the doll is a hot collectors' item, and you can find a vast inventory on eBay.

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I have referred to this set of charts a lot. They have rooted nylon hair the early versions wore wigs and painted eyes early dolls had sprayed and hand-painted eyes and lips.

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Dolls from the most recent German production can be found everywhere. My copy of this book is covered in notes, annotations and post-its. Come and join us and talk about everything Sasha. Her Sasha doll dating was to make an inexpensive play doll that would have universal appeal for all children.

During her lifetime, Sasha's dolls were sold from her studio and through the Heimatwerk shops in Switzerland. Sasha Doll Postcards Lovely photographs of the Sasha dolls wearing original outfits. Click here for Books. Her vision was to create dolls that represented and reflected the spirit of children of all races and cultures during their age of innocence.

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Watching this CD last summer inspired my nieces in drawing a backdrop for their Sasha dolls to have a play. Half the total amount is due at the time of purchase, and the remaining half payable during the next two or three months.

As well as the photograph of the doll wearing the outfit, they sometimes show each of the parts of the outfit as well.

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Payment is by personal check, money order, cashier check, or bank-to-bank transfer. We welcome beginner and experienced collectors alike! But the dolls Sasha created for children to play with, were too expensive for most families.