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He teaches me Salon job dating to turn the tanning beds on and off and how to answer the phone. As of my last trip to my hometown, the tropical themed storefront has been replaced by a powder blue sign advertising Kumon, a tutoring center for kids.

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He scheduled an interview for the following week and I stopped looking at Craigslist in the meantime. I sent an email to Jason, the man who would become my boss.

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They speak to each other in Mandarin. One of the Asian ladies brings in her two young children and their dog. A portly middle-aged man walks in. As he leaves for the afternoon, I proverbially pat myself on the back.

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She sports a maroon velour tracksuit. I am being paid to sit in a chair and press buttons, I think to myself. I give her goggles and press buttons like a pro as she enters one of the tanning rooms. From the inside, cheap plastic blinds covered the storefront, blocking out sunlight and suspecting eyes.

I was surprised when he recognized the small east coast university I was planning on attending. A woman comes in to tan. I lived in a kingdom called Midwest suburbia and the summer before I left for college, I worked at an illegal massage parlor outside Chicago for a day.

Once we got to the back office, Jason asked me a few questions. When I was in high school, the Bravo series Real Housewives of … was not a thing yet.

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Instead, I grew up with dreams of flying without wings and telepathic communication with my best friends. The second hour goes by. I wear a forest green dress with short sleeves and a scoop neck.

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The third hour crawls by. Do my parents want me to be an independent individual that attempts to earn my own living? After I graduated high school, when I realized those dreams would never be achieved and that I desperately needed a summer job, I headed to the treasure trove of employment for unqualified minors: Another man walks in and requests a massage specifically from me.

Precocious kids from Chicagoland suburbs are practicing multiplication Steamworks matchmaking on the same premises that middle-aged businessmen got their jollies off.

But that is how I would describe her.

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The fourth hour passes. But when you have no choice, last choice starts to look pretty good. I am working for a surprise massage parlor. Cancel 0 Once upon a time I was a naive teenager. Jason schedules me to work from 12 p. I vomit in my mouth when he undresses me with his eyes and forces his business card in my hand.

I want an Asian massage. How quaint, I always think as I drive by.

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An hour goes by. That is, if Valentino wears maroon velour tracksuits. On the outside, the windows were decorated with plastic decals Salon job dating palm trees and seashells. Fifteen minutes later, she leaves the premises looking like Valentino.