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And there are weird issues with characters between the mobile and desktop platform upside down question marks instead of emojis I recall Nothing seems right about RSVP to me mainly because I have seen the same issues for years without it being resolved and I think the tech and the support has a lot to do with it.

A few Rsvp dating stamps me kiss messages, but one sent me an email straight away.

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I will no longer pay once I have wasted my stamps on unconscious interactions and have not and will not recommend this site to anyone ever, find a social gathering group and get out then you will meet many people for free who won't disrespect you before you even had a chance to talk.

Although in my heading here I have said "don't join", I and other woman need guys to join, its so hard to meet people these days, I hate feeling like a pick-up when out, that is why I've decided on an online site, because I am genuinely looking to meet that special guy.

Like begging for acknowledgment of your own existence 1 out of 5, reviewed on Ted hack online dating 15, I've been on RSVP for years, I've tried my best to upload good photos and show my inner self, my compassionate side, however unlike in real life where I can enter a room and engage in conversation with a stranger and have a generally good experience - with RSVP I have spent years trying to get a simple reply to my first paid response, I get the feeling people are not serious or are unaware at least that the first recipricated positive response is means for a third response which is a PAID first personalised message Replying to Emails Paid or free members can respond to messages sent from other members.

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I joined RSVP, completed my profile and personality test reviewed my matches sent to me each day for the next week. Also the app is faulty and the real time chat does not work properly, I have waited for a response only to find when I manually entered the app I missed a reply by hours.

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About a week later we started speaking on the phone, then we caught up for coffee the following week.

I've read some of the reviews here and am sad to hear that a lot of guys have had bad experiences with the woman on this site, I don't know, however, I am a very sincere, attractive, easy going, well spoken, well dressed, very polite and sociable, financially independent with my own business who has lots to offer and I believe I would make some guy - the right guy - a very happy chappy!!!

And there is no way or contacting them to ask for a change to that, I have to budget my finances and this put me out considerably.

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The NEXT thing that happened, now that I am a full member even better than that a Premium memberI now hardly get anyone interested and am limited to a small amount of guys I can look at, they have only given me a maximum of 40 guys, and it has remained the same guys for the last week.

I have Rsvp dating stamps that when I get a positive response to me making first paid contact nothing will happen, ignorance by no response, now I'm not doing anything more than making general greetings and remarks about the profile yet I have found I get no reply, like I bought a girl a drink in a bar only for her to walk away with it without a word something that has never happened to me in a real life situation nor would I expect if I am doing it wrong let me know but I am sure I have not been rude, but the lack of response burns as this seems to only happen to me on a paid site.

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I got on this site in the hope of meeting someone, now its totally stagnant. Updating your profile and making contact with other users is simple and very user friendly.

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Be sure to make clear that a party has paid to continue based on your response, this is not supposed to Rsvp dating stamps a throw away dating site, money and genuine interest is inferred. Then the game can begin, currently it's messy drivel that wastes people's money without the other party even being aware in my opinion.

Sadly disappointed by the app and it's users apparent lack of respect for giving common decent response once initiating a connection. I think the platform and app needs a refresh big time.

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It was so easy and I'm glad that I went online to look for a relationship. Real Life Review Rebecca, Teacher, 31 - After breaking up with my long term partner of 7 years, I was keen to get back into dating with the aim of finding a relationship, but I found most sites were full of guys just looking for a 'hook up'.

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We took it slowly, dating once or twice a week for a few months and now we have been together for over a year. Fee based Services Sending Emails?

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We both matched each other's Ideal Partner criteria and we hit it off via email quickly. To send a message to another user you must buy 'stamps', or have a paid membership that includes stamps. I will leave more feedback Rsvp dating stamps months to come, as I value the experiences etc of others and so want to give mine so that prospective members will know what they're up for and can then make a good decision.

Users can select from a number of template messages to send to other members to see if they would be interested in making contact.

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What am I paying this money for??? So, after that I decided I wanted to get myself off this site, however, you don't get back 'any of the money for the future months at all', I tried it and it states that if you remove yourself you don't get back any money paid, I have only been a paying member for 3 weeks at the time, so decided to remain - in the hope that someone nice who has similar interests etc might be a good match for me.