Reptilians, Dracos and Amphibians Alien Abductions Reptilians, Dracos and Amphibians Alien Abductions

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This particular entity is summoned by her "Spirit Guides" to visit Sedona Arizona at intervals throughout the calendar year to take part in "Rebirthing Exercises.

The painful truth is some of these abductees and researchers are having their phones tapped and mail opened because there is no one else around in their region worth instilling paranoia on. Whenever "Fear Based Issues" like painful back problems very common amongst those who have memories Comments missionary dating reptilian contact especially amongst females or autoimmune disorders or the whole gamut of gynecological problems are regarded as spiritually retarded fear mongers.

There is no one on this planet who knows more about the Alien Abduction phenomena than Ms. If they "see" men in military attire, they automatically assume that what they are looking at are human beings when in some cases the latter have proven to be shape shifting reptilians.

They are warm when they get wrapped around me All I ever wanted was the respect and admiration of the people I respected and admired. The real message of the Boylan's, Greers and all of these other Muppets is, "Don't bother me with the facts.

Likewise, another sib, which was planted amongst the front line German soldiers, was that Jews were responsible for spreading the bubonic plague in certain German cities.

But, who's to say. Boylan's letter was a classic example of a reptilian propagandist and apologist's lame efforts to justify evil perpetrated upon an innocent person. Just wanted to say, there are alot of different types of aliens out there so maybe someone needs to ask what kind of alien will because when just one alien from one kind of species says he's going to come out in front of humans for all to see, that really don't mean all aliens one thinks in the back of thier heads.

June 18th, by WakingTimes Total: Other programmed behaviors are promiscuity, self destructive behaviors such as substance abuse, self destructive relationships many female abductees have had at least one and usually more controlling, domineering and abusive men on their lives for extended periods of time.

Reptilians have little to no compassion for life and exist strictly to survive by any means possible.

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This article is offered under Creative Commons license. Could it possibly be that there are aspects of this phenomenon that are so terrible that the Muppets of the world would rather have you dwell on the metaphysical and "spiritual" aspects of the experience--rather than the cold hard truth?

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People are so used to the lies that if they heard the truth they would probably have an allergic reaction to it! Why do you think that is? We are now married by reptilian marriage which is indicated by a scar of a deep bite mark by a reptilian in the left hand about at the wrist. Well, if you count our human times and him just being reptilian around me, we have been dating a total of 19 years.

Never mind that for Reptilian dating most part these "Globalist and Militarist" are part Reptilian dating the same old fraternal orders which worship the patriarchal serpent gods and in many cases are Hosts for Reptilian entities themselves.

Could it be that the self-same spirit guides are the perpetrators themselves?

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You can imagine the kind of effect this rumor had on German soldiers imbued with the Aryan superman myth! I'm not interested in endless conjecture and speculation. Reptilians would appear to be very paranoid and skeptical as this is the brain they trust the most.

Why, the "Benevolent ET's" of course.

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Were you responsible for setting the oil rigs on fire in Kuwait or releasing all that oil in the Persian Gulf? Except a few that come and live on the surface in human form to co-exist with humans. And since this is not the time nor place Well, back in the year I met a man named David and we started dating alot in that year and off and on throughout the years.

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