Pool pump repair and troubleshooting information for swimming pool filter pumps Pool pump repair and troubleshooting information for swimming pool filter pumps

Polaris booster pump hook up, highlights:

Rebuild it, with new bearings and shaft seal, or replace it with new motor and shaft seal. A great option for many pools nowadays when faced with a pump replacement is to upgrade to a Variable Speed pump.

The first thing to do is to turn off the electricity to the motor at the circuit breaker. The most common cause is the pump inlet fitting being loose, usually shrunken slightly from heat, or installed without thread sealant. Low voltage can also cause overheating.

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Other pumps of less recognizable brands are likely imported knock-offs of dubious quality, with non-existent replacement pump parts availability. Rebuilding a motor is a replacement of the bearings and shaft sealwhich could be a wise direction if the motor is only a few years old. Disperses warm water during the heating process to the depths of the pool.


Finally, low voltage can be a cause of a humming but not starting motor. If the pump basket is cracked or damaged, it should be replaced. Before calling for service on any motor, check that switches on the motor are on, breakers are on, spa side or indoor remote controls are on, and the timer is on.

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If you have Volt service, hook up the wires coming into the motor to the brass terminals in the same way as described above. Schematic parts images, or expanded diagrams found in our pump parts departmentare very helpful in identifying individual pump parts.

While you can get adapters if the pipe is too small or big, it can affect the overall pressure and cause the pump to work harder to get the same results. This can be replaced with a high temp fitting to prevent its reoccurrence.

So, you could replace a Super Pump with a smaller Whisperflo pump; reducing your amp draw and cutting electrical expense in half. A noisy pump can also mean cavitation.

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Again, a reversible motor comes factory wired for Volt. Check the capacitor for white residue or oily discharge or for bulging or cracking.

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Pump Lubrication A lot of air in the pump or loss of prime problems can be due to lack of lubrication on the pump lid o-ring. Heavy duty single piece base.

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Vaseline for lubrication on o-rings, which can damage all types of pool o-ring rubber. The other half is pushed into the seal plate and motor bracket unit.

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Air in the pump will reduce filtering efficiency, allow dangerous air to build up in filter, and can prevent your pump from catching prime being able to move water.