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Using the middle pickup for Sustainiac input signal, or listening to it.: Also, we have to remove all the shielding foil from around the pickup area.

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We charge extra for routing. You have to turn down the sustainer gain so much to stop the resulting oscillation that you might as well not even have a sustainer.

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And that's what we like to hear! You can choose both as push-pull, or optional toggle switches for either or both controls at no extra cost. An excellent woodworker isn't necessarily equipped to handle an electronic wiring job of this complexity.

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The only difference is that the HB driver is mounted onto a HB-size baseplate. Harmonic mode will generally not be very good. Shipping your guitar to Maniac Music: The Sustainiac driver replaces your neck pickup.

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The middle pickup will then provide the input signal to the sustainer if it is blended with the bridge pickup signal. Go to the following page for this info: Pickguard guitars take longer.

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Or, choose other unusual and useful options. Alternatively, you can have Maniac Music do your installation. The magnetic Parker single point hookup from the driver induce pulsating "eddy" currents into the conductive aluminum or copper.

But first, read the following few paragraphs for an installation overview.

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Some are not compatible. A mini-humbucker with conventional "side-by-side" coils pickup doesn't exhibit this problem as much. Placing the driver in the middle pickup position: Read the following list, and determine what you need for your particular guitar.

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The problem is the space thing again, between driver and bridge pickup. It is much more difficult than, say, replacing a pickup or volume control.

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