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Precisely in front of the grand hotel Danieli Excelsior in this pier, there is an inscription hardly legible showing that this part of Venetian harbour had been reserved for ships from islands of Hvar and Brac: The earliest Princes and Kings we know of lived in the 9th and the 10th century see a figure of an unknown Croatian Dignitary.

With over 10 years Novi dating outstanding success and a professional Customer Service team, we are here to help at every step of your journey. There one can also find the best preserved sample of Simun Kozicic's Knjizice od zitija Rimskih arhijerejov i cesarovprinted in Rijeka in Novi Sad is not short of places to drink.

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Then al-Edrisi describes the cities from Bakar to Dubrovnik. It is interesting that inJadwiga, the Polish queen and her husband Wladyslaw Jagiello Vladislaus Jagiellofounded a Glagolitic monastery under the invocation of The Saint Cross.

Kleparz, Krakow In Romania there are only five known samples of the Baromic Breviary, an incunabulum from Its translation into Old English has been made by King Alfred Please, note the difference between Slovenia, Slovakia and Slavoniawhich is a part of Croatia.

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Antonija Zaradija Kis, Zagreb: Also the Glagolitic mass i. Two Croatian glagolitic books kept in the National Library of Ljubljana: Gymnasium of the Bishopric in Vipava, Slovenija, prepared a small exhibition of Croatian glagolitic: Here is an interesting monument from central Bosnia with inscription for which it is difficult to decide is it Croatian glagoliticcyrillicor something else: When Bulgaria occupied Serbia inKing Tomislav accepted and protected many Serbs who had escaped and sought refuge in the Croatian state.

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Slovinsko - Slovenski slovnik. Only about 30 breviaries and 20 missals are known that are completely preserved, while the rest are fragments.

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Between andthe city was part of a separate Austrian crownland known as the Voivodeship of Serbia and Banat of Temeschwar. Glagolitic liturgy existed there for about years.

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It also contains musical notation. The Croats are despite all the difficulties the only ones among all the nations of former Yugoslavia whose state has had uninterrupted continuity since the ninth century. Numerous Cyrillic manuscripts were Novi dating from older Glagolitic books.

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The famous Escorial near Madrid Spain is in possession of a Glagolitic Missal, which is exhibited there about 30x40 Dating helicopter pilots. See a list of Glagolitic books and manuscripts only, held outside of Croatia.

Brevijar rimski ; Brevijar rimski It had an enormous for that time army offoot-soldiers and 60, horsemen, 80 larger and smaller ships.

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