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Officials and missionaries had their own positions and reputations to protect.

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Warfare also increased in importance, reflecting increased competition for land and other resources. Tribes with muskets would attack tribes without them, killing or enslaving many.

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Kerikerifounded inand Bluff founded inboth claim to be the oldest European settlements in New Zealand. As the gold boom ended Premier Julius Vogel borrowed money from British investors and launched in an ambitious programme of public works and infrastructure investment, together with a policy of assisted immigration.

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Dispute over the true meaning and the intent of either party remains an issue. Tasman called them Staten Landt, after the States General of the Netherlandsand that name appeared on his first maps of the country.

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The government bought practically all the useful land, then resold it to the New Zealand Companywhich promoted immigration, or leased it for sheep runs. Provinces were reorganised in and inwhen they acquired their own legislatures, and then abolished with effect in Despite a brief boom in wheat, prices for farm products sagged.

Based on a chart by Joan Blaeuc. From to the Musket Wars raged until a new balance of power was achieved after most tribes had acquired muskets. Leadership was based on a system of chieftainship, which was often but not always hereditary, although chiefs male or female needed to demonstrate leadership abilities to avoid being superseded by more dynamic individuals.

The Church of England sponsored the Canterbury Association colony with assisted passages from Great Britain in the early s. New Zealand has no native land mammals apart from some rare bats so birds, fish and sea mammals were important sources of protein.

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The leases were renewed automatically, which gave the wealthy pastoralists a strong landed interest and made them a powerful political force. This and the increased commercial interests of merchants in Sydney and London spurred the British to take stronger action.

Auckland was the second capital of New Zealand. As elsewhere in the Pacific, cannibalism was part of warfare. These settlements had access to some of the richest plains in the country and after refrigerated ships appeared inthey developed into closely settled regions of small-scale farming.

Most of the early settlers were brought over by a programme operated by the New Zealand Company and were located in the central region on either side of Cook Strait, and at Wellington, Wanganui, New Plymouth and Nelson.

In all between and8.

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The passage ofwas paid by the New zealand dating sites free government. Various claims have been made that New Zealand was reached by other non-Polynesian voyagers before Tasman, but these are not widely accepted. In some inland areas life went on more or less unchanged, although a European metal tool such as a fish-hook or hand axe might be acquired through trade with other tribes.

On 1 July New Zealand became a colony in its own right. The track of the Endeavour is also shown. His colonisation programmes were over-elaborate and operated on a much smaller scale than he hoped for, but his ideas influenced law and culture, especially his vision for the colony as the embodiment of post-Enlightenment ideals, the notion of New Zealand as a model society, and the sense of fairness in employer-employee relations.

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New Zealand was originally settled by Polynesians from Eastern Polynesia. Treaty of Waitangi[ edit ] Main article: When the British settlers petititoned for self-government, the British Parliament passed the New Zealand Constitution Actsetting up a central government with an elected General Assembly Parliament and six provincial governments.

By the s, however, large scale sheep stations were exporting large quantities of wool to the textile mills of England.

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Hard times led to urban unemployment and sweated labour exploitative labour conditions in industry. The Company resold the best tracts to British settlers; its profits were used to pay the travel of the immigrants from Britain.