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This badge was awarded to LW flak crews to recognize air defense actions and for a brief period, prior to the introduction of the LW Ground Assault Badge, this badge was awarded for actions where the flak guns used by these crews were involved in actions against ground targets such as tanks or ships.

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This piece has most of its original finish and looks to have never been worn but does have some minor storage wear. I believe this is a shooting prize for a small arms competition.

The scabbard is anodized and this piece did have a hanger vertical hanger that was removed by the picker and sold separately and the fittings are nickel. This is critical especially for young newly wed couples that have not really been through tough times together.

This piece is about 2 inches in diameter. This example recently came out of the woodwork and is in near-mint condition. Infantry Assault Badge by "W.

This is a fantastic grouping with great provenance.

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General Assault Badge by "A". This example has a semi scooped out reverse and is one of the recognized early maker styles You have to, kind of re-establish your romance and try to do all those little dumb things that you did when you where dating because that is usually what your spouse will remember most.

This piece is made of a stamped metal that is then silver plated. This piece is in very good condition with some wear to the scabbard paint. To see what I currently have for sale click the sub-category or Return to Catalog.

This piece is made of nickel silver and is of the earliest quality. If the Army is allowing you to go, then the BAH will be based on his post no matter where you live. The badge has a cast in rounded hinge and a cast in catch. The blade on this example is bright and retains about percent of the original crossgraining and does show some scabbard runner marks.

The finish has faded but the badge has a pleasing appearance. These ships would sail disguised as neutral cargo ships but were actually well armed and eventually took a huge toll on allied merchant vessels before most were eventually sunk themselves.

The gold clasp was awarded for operational flights.

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Space A Flights Hello. The guard is changed every half-hour, and is signaled by clock tower bells similar to how Soviet guards at the Lenin mausoleum used the bells of the Spasskaya Tower Clock.

There are many more cases that we don't read about and some that we see personally as we have to deal with Soldiers and NCOs under our supervision. You can not notice this from the front and this is not detractive This example has a pleasing patina.

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This is a super looking early example with a great look to it with natural toning and patina with the correct upside-down "R. This dagger is nice in that it is complete with the miniature chain that you normally Nco dating soldier not see with these miniature daggers.

There are far too many cases of infidelity and back stabbing in the Military and the unfortunate thing is that it is the fellow service members doing the wifes or husbands of those deployed.

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The blade on this example has some graying in one or two spots but rates at an excellent and the rest of the piece rates at a solid excellent plus.

A Boonie hat brig rat US Navy and Marines Describes a sailor or Marine who often frequents the brig military jailtypically as a prisoner.

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This piece is made of bronze. Nice example that would be impossible to upgrade. This is known as the "rounded 3" Variant because the tops of the threes are rounded and it is believed these examples were not made by the Deschler company. There are no additional pay increases based on the number Nco dating soldier dependents.

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