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Mass Effect 3's story is a continuation of Shepard's story and if Shepard died in Mass Effect 2, that death is considered final.

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True to the statement, the Veteran difficulty was removed. Enemies now perform specific functions on the battlefield and coordinate with other enemies. Save File Transfer Main article: The severity of weight varies based on what class Shepard belongs to.

Save File Transfer As with Radiometrically dating Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 allows the player to import their save file from the previous game, carrying over their decisions from both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, totaling over variables.


Changes to movement in combat include the ability to roll, leap over ledges or gaps without taking cover first, optimised maneuvering and firing from cover [26] and the removal of fatigue while running.

According to Project Director Casey Hudson, Mass Effect 3 continues, with adjustments, the approach of Mass Effect 2 by focusing on "an awesome sense of exploration, intense combat, a deep and non-linear story that's affected by your actions, and rich customisation of your armour, weapons and appearance" instead of an approach where the player " equips the Nakupovat online dating by sifting through an inventory of hundreds of miscellaneous items and spend hours fiddling with numerical statistics," noting the "overwhelmingly positive" response Mass Effect 2 received for its approach.

Weapons all have differing weights, even within the same category. Combat Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect 3's changes to Mass Effect 2's core combat mechanics are not as drastic as the changes Mass Effect 2 made to the original Mass Effect; however, improvements have been made and new capabilities introduced.

For example, "cover buster" enemies, such as Husksare often paired with a "suppressor" enemy type, which will try to keep Shepard in cover while the Husks get in close.

Shepard is now more agile in combat. Technically, any character can equip one weapon of every category at once, but going over the character's maximum weight attribute negatively affects the amount of time it takes their powers to recharge.

However, classes are limited by a new " weight " attribute which applies to weapons. Difficulty was increased, with Casey Hudson describing Normal as "the new Veteran". It has been claimed by the Systems Alliancewhich has taken the ship apart, studied it, and then rebuilt it with new technologies and new areas.