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Paramount's full statement read: Share shares Despite the stubbed toe, Tom seemed to have fully recovered from his earlier accident, which halted the movie's production for seven weeks, in order to allow time for his ankle to heal.

You can see it on his face Impossible — Ghost Protocol and Mission: Impossible IIIMission: We're not doing this again today".

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Over the years, he has taken part in many dramatic scenes, including submerging himself in water for six minutes to film an underwater scene of him breaking into a vault for Mission Impossible: Impossible — Rogue Nation The Hollywood Reporter claimed at the time that it would take eight to nine weeks for him to heal but it took only seven.

Tom was spotted on the Essex set of Mission: The scenes were being shot near the Thames, with Tom running across an industrial-looking building.

Tom hurtled out of the window at speed but was supported by the harness M: ImpossibleMission: In contrast to the sequence they shot in the summer, Tom simply had to leap from the window onto the surface below; while previously he had jumped across a gap, from one surface to another, ultimately tripping up and smashing his How to start a internet dating website into the building's brickwork.

Tom was seen leaping through the air for the sequence, as the chopper took off above him, his steeling action star glint in his eyes.

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Tom was seen staring at his foot and shaking his head after seemingly stubbing his toe Paramount Pictures announced in August that Tom had been involved in a serious injury while filming Mission: I6 director Christopher McQuarrie told Empire about the incident and detailed to the film magazine how the leading man suffered the injury after three previous jumps for the stunt.

Dressed in his typical Ethan Hunt garb of black jeans and a dark top and jacket, the hunky star was seen leaping from an office window Ouch: Strapped into a body harness, the year-old Hollywood hunk was seen throwing himself out of a window as he was suspended out of a building in Blackfriars Ouch: Ensuring safety came first, Tom was eager to asses the risk involved Stepping back: But the star seemed eager to get back into the swing of the physical scenes on Sunday.

Tom was seen chatting with the staff as they looked at his injured foot Known for his adrenaline fueled set-pieces, the star has been snapped in Paris as well as London for the upcoming flick. While most of the details of the plot of the latest film have been kept tightly under wraps, Skydance Media CEO David Ellison revealed that Tom will be performing the biggest stunt sequence of his career in the film.

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In August, Tom hurt himself as he shot a sequence in which he jumped off the top of a building and careened into a neighboring wall at an awkward angle, causing the injury. Tom was suspended in the air as he made a run towards the building window In one scene for flick Collateral, Jamie Foxx had to drive his car into one driven by Cruise, but misjudging the speed, Tom was sent flying into the air as his car was flung off set.

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Rogue Nation, being flung around an airplane cabin in zero-gravity for The Mummy and many high-speed car chases. Famous for performing his own stunts, he seemed chomping at the bit to get on with it, larking around with the crew as they harnessed him in for the scene TMZ reported back in August that Tom failed a building stunt jump at least twice and came up short while trying to clear a building's ledge with one hop 'The hit against the side of the building sounds crushing,' the article said.

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The father-of-three was seen attempting to jump out of a window, but instead tripped on the run-up, seemingly stubbing his toe against the wall Taking the leap: Impossible film, Tom Cruise broke his ankle while performing a stunt.

Impossible 6 in October, for the first time since his injury. Looking to have fully recovered from the accident, which halted the movie's production for seven weeks, the star performed stunts similar to the one that injured him Leaping: Despite suffering a slew of minor injuries - such as hurting his ankle in a scene where fish tanks exploded for the first Mission Impossible movie back in - and facing a number of near-death moments while carrying out stunts, it hasn't put Tom off doing them himself.

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The film's production was put behind after the injury happened at the end of the summer. At the time of injury Paramount insisted that the release date of the film, July 27,will not change - and it looks to still be on track to meet this deadline.

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Famous for performing his own stunts, he seemed chomping at the bit to get on with it, larking around with the crew as they harnessed him in for the scene. Impossible 6 - breaking his ankle. Impossible 2Mission: