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Matchmaking b2b, b2b meetings at the #bctech summit

Connect offer with demand Build a customizable business categories tree to easily match attendees according to their services and needs.

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Matchmaking b2b Eventtia event planning software provides permanent improvements that allow to organize work very professionally.

After studying many event management system alternatives we chose Eventtia for the high value and support it bring to our organization objectives.

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Create different networking profiles Segment your audience in groups and decide which profiles are compatible. Meeting organizers have an easy and intuitive tool to build and maintaine event page All important data are available over mobile apps Android, iOS Participiants have a very efficient tool to arrange their meetings prior to the start of their event The software provides high level of networking and advanced search functions Mobile apps - download.

Notify your attendees The system will send your attendees meeting request alerts, automatically creating the networking schedule.

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We fully rely on Eventtia's event management system to plan and execute all our events, it has completely changed the way we work and we have now over 30 people in our team working daily with the event planning software. We have already recommended this tool to our regional partners and continue to promote it.

Almost a year ago we found in Eventtia a high quality strategic partner to manage our events. Please provide information regarding your availability, expectations and requirements.

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Overall, we believe Eventtia is the best product of its line available on the market. One of our main difficulties was promoting our events and Matchmaking b2b participants. We are also very satisfied with the quality of the customer service. We use regularly Eventtia's event management system for organizing such events and we are very satisfied with this tool.

Paris Region Enterprises Anne-Sophie Robinot Uniandinos is the most important alumni association in Colombia and makes more than 50 events every month.

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At Endeavor Colombia we are recognized by the high quality events we to to promote high impact entrepreneurship. Read our partners stories to get a hint of what Eventtia is in real life.

Forget your struggles once you adopt our B2B matchmaking platform

Since we started using Eventtia's event management system it has transformed the way we work and has contributed to significant gains on time and budget. Set up the networking parameters Build an engaging interaction framework for a seamless integration into your event design.

The interface is very intuitive, user friendly and all our non-tech staff was immediately able to use the event management system, with very little training. Please bear in mind, some participants do not submit their forms until the last week and we want sure ensure those applicable can take part in this service and ensure we select the most relevant companies for you.

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Endeavor Juanita Ochoa We have used Eventtia's Love bugs dating uk planning software for the past year for all our events, which range from large corporate events to smaller private gatherings.

Camacol We want to help you building outstanding events! Also, it will inform the participants about the latest event updates. We will be scheduling Matchmaking b2b minutes tailored business meetings for you from the July Before the conference, Talk B2B platform generates a schedule of meetings for each participant, which can later be used during the conference.

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