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We believe that the use of intelligent technologies and a data-driven approach will provide better healthcare services to the individual, while reducing the public healthcare costs at the same time.

Daman Daman is a software product house and digital agency specialized within healthcare.

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Our research is ground breaking in regard to improving patient centered health care and health management and life style. Members of Danish Health Tech Group supply solutions to the healthcare sector and the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

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Danish National Biobank The main purpose of the Danish National Biobank is to give scientists from Denmark and abroad overview and access to more than 22 million biological samples in both existing and future collections. We build innovative software products and offer consultancy, advice, services and solutions that enable the use digital media in healthcare in an ideal way.


Scientists have the possibility to link information about biological samples in Danish biobanks with the large amount of information contained in Danish administrative registries. SinceDanSign provides traditional and electronic wayfinding solutions worldwide through its local representatives, as well as an extensive global partner network.

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The signage should be easy and logical to follow so that people can easily identify and find their destination. Dansk Coaching Institut World leaders in training healthcare professionals in patient and citizen centered coaching for prevention, health care, rehabilitation enabling the person to take the lead of self efficacy, compliance and action.

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We are pioneers within action based learning in healthcare, censors and lectures at universities. We train and coach at a high level based on solid educational background, experience and research. It aims to support and encourage export sales for its member companies by organizing and executing Danish national pavilions at key overseas trade shows, export seminars, market visits and matchmaking meetings.

We are a team of user experience designers, creative strategists, anthropologists, data scientists and programmers with a passion to change healthcare and work in close partnerships with leading stakeholders.