The Home Matchbox Makers Of The Victorian East End. The Home Matchbox Makers Of The Victorian East End.

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Literature was doing well, but the fine arts languished as the Great Exhibition of showcased Britain's industrial prowess rather than its sculpture, painting or music.

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They are all damp. The phosphorous could cause their teeth to rot and some died from the effect of breathing it into their lungs.

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The finished case is thrown upon the floor; the long narrow strip which is to form the frame of the drawer is laid upon the bright strip of ready-pasted paper, then bent together and joined by an overlapping bit of the paper; the edges of paper below are bent flat, the ready-cut bottom is dropped in and pressed down, and before the fingers are withdrawn they fold down the upper edges of the paper inside the top.

The original matches still continued, however, to assert their rights, and, as they had cheapness on their side, were ever to be found in the box of the housemaid, the cupboard of the cook, and the cottage of the poor; whilst they were banished from the company of the parlour as not sufficiently refined.

Although nitrous oxideor laughing gas, had been proposed as an anaesthetic as far back as by Humphry Davyit wasn't until when an American dentist named William Morton started using ether on his patients that anaesthetics became common in the medical profession.

Mary Mitford, Our Village, Many of the old brimstone match sellers made thier own stock. What did the Victorians do?

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As today shows, we are still beset by strikes, only, one wonders if some strikes are more pertinent than others If, for instance, a girl arrived at the factory five minutes behind time, she was frequently shut out for half a day; and for any little act of untidiness, such as omitting to clear away the litter from under the bench, a fine was imposed.

At length one lucky spark does its office - the tinder is alight.

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They work with great rapidity—which is but natural, for they are paid by results. On his first run, his locomotive pulled 38 freight and passenger cars at speeds as high as 12 miles per hour. By 6 July the whole factory had stopped work.

With so many temptations around them, with so much vice in their midst, and with so many troubles in their lives, it is really astonishing to see the great affection these young people entertain towards one another.

Pick pocket This was not a job in the same way as the others but some children turned to crime to help parents or just to survive.


Two sisters, while very much the wore for liquor, had stolen three glass tumblers from the Paragon Music Hall. They have no play, and— Heaven help them! I only remember one occasion on which match girls were brought before me on a charge of theft.

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The system was overbuilt and much too elaborate and expensive for the small amount of freight traffic it carried. A white vapour may be seen constantly rising from the matches.

Many parents allowed their children to work in order to get a higher income.