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The Mac Mini supports up to two displays at resolutions up to 2, by 1, pixels. As of the date of publication, Apple no longer includes this adapter with the Mac Mini.

This step is optional.

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Remember that Front Row is also an option. If you have a third-party display, you can use the HDMI port to connect it.

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Step Connect your monitor to the Mac Mini and turn the computer on. Click the "Apple" menu in the top corner of your screen and select "System Preferences. There are several ways to physically adjoin the keyboard to the trackpad to make a single convenient unit you can store easily.

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Plenty of ports make it ready for anything. However, support is also a bit patchy since Apple upgraded to iOS 8. However, there are two useful pointers for using Kodi.

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Try either to see how they fit, and try applications too in either mode iTunes will warn you that it requires a higher resolution but will still work.

There are several third-party Netflix apps in the Mac App Store but none appear to be rated very highly and most appear to simply present the web page within an app window.


Connecting the Screen Because most Mac video adapters are only 2 or 3 inches long, they are almost always too short to reach the screen -- so you'll need a monitor cable, too.

But beyond speed, Thunderbolt gives you unprecedented expansion capabilities. To deactivate high-DPI mode, again open Terminal and type the following before rebooting: For the complete home entertainment hub experience you might want to install some media centre software to playback movies and music you download outside of iTunes.

Nearly any vintage will doya an Intel Mac mini with a remote is your best bet! Click "Scaled" and choose the resolution you want to use with your monitor.

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If you need to adjust the settings, open System Preferences from the Apple menu and select "Display. And just like that, everything works together.

You've got an entire keyboard and mouse to command your mini.

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Every new Mac comes with professional advice, award-winning service and support, and a world of online resources. Save it as a reference movie. Indeed, the best plan for most streaming services is to tune-in via its website, then choose to make the video playback full-screen.

Connecting the HDMI output of the Mac Mini to your AV receiver, and then connecting a passthrough cable to the monitor, should output both stereo and 5.