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Lobo has arrived on Earth with nothing but the brand-new human body he inhabits and the mission to find a mate and annihilate her with pleasure until she accepts him.

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Besides these, she has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. The only way to her heart is through the dogs. Both her parents were a teacher and her father was also a basketball coach. The next season she was traded to the Connecticut Sun.

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The only problem is that she has to train the humans too, and they're not as much fun as the K-9 officers. Season 1 focused on three couples in a small Pennsylvania town, featuring Bond, Rocky and Magnum. She has two elder siblings named Rachel Lobo and Jason Lobo.

She currently works as a reporter and color analyst for ESPN. It seems she is doing best job without harming others and has been a straight person in her life, for which she has not been in any controversy yet.

She has over 4. From toLobo played for the New York Liberty.

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Her body weighs 64kg. Season 2 followed the story to a resort in the Catskills where three new couples meet and features Kitt, Remington and Indiana. Although nearly every Earth female he meets seems most eager to get to know him better, Lobo finds himself drawn only to Veronica.

And while the rest of the department is ready to give up on the canine, Lobo offers to help solve the mystery and save Veronica's best friend.

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Season 3 continues the adventure with three new couples in a small-town police academy, featuring Lobo, Conan and Hawkeye. In her senior year, Lobo was named the unanimous national player of the year. She also won the Naismith College Player of the Year award.

Inshe was traded to the Houston Comets.

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Professional Life and Career Lobo began playing basketball at a professional level while she was at the University of Connecticut. When one of the K-9s is in trouble, it's up to Veronica to help him but there's only one problem - dogs can't talk.

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Veronica will have to be one sly dog to avoid Lobo teaching her new tricks After playing a season with the Connecticut Sun, she retired in About the Stargazer Alien Brides series: And she refuses to acknowledge their mutual attraction. During that time, she helped lead the Huskies to the National Championship.