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Currently, they are testing changing the characteristics and see how it works. For most heavy tanks and also tanks firing at longer ranges the weak spots shown in this picture can be used. Starting with the view port and machine gun port on the flat section of the upper glacis you will find a few small areas that are very weak.

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No discussion of specific exploits, hacks or piracy Any discussion of hacks, exploits or piracy will be removed and action taken accordingly. The roof turret however has mm so while it is weak it can be difficult for tier 6 and tier 7 tanks shooting up at it.

Sometimes, depending who is firing at you, driving around backwards actually can work.

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Avoid shooting the lowest part of the lower glacis Kv 4 matchmaking it is angled more and will be difficult to penetrate. You can find them here. Moving on to the turret armor there is a small green strip of armor just behind the gun mantlet that is protected by mm and has no angle on it.

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The KV-4 is difficult to damage over most of its armor for tier tanks facing it, while tier tanks can easily punch through most of its armor.

One way of compensation could be to offer players to choose a new Premium vehicle of the same tier and trade it, like for like. Randomly is the tier for battle selected.

You should move back and forth all the time to make it harder for the enemy to take aim.

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Each vehicle will be looked at specifically. They can be changing their MM or changing their characteristics. This weak spot guide will give you the easiest places to penetrate the KV-4 green areasfollowed by the second best places to penetrate yellow areasand then the toughest pieces of armor on a KV-4 red areas.

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If the KV-5 rebalance goes well, Wargaming will be able to rebalance other vehicles faster. For example, going downhill at full speed, the KV-5 can easily destroy tier 7 medium tanks, using a combination of "shoot, I dead wanna hook up meaning, ram, then a second kill shot.

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The low turret traverse means you will have a hard time bringing your gun to bear at close ranges. The matchmaker resolves battle tier on the basis of table below.

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Above the lower side armor the armor is mm and easy to damage if you avoid hitting the tracks. The green area of the tracks are not covered by track armor and only have mm effective armor, while the yellow section has an additional 20mm of armor added to it because of the tracks.

Looking at the turret front there is a flat section below the gun mantlet across the entire bottom of the turret as well as above the turret mantlet before Kv 4 matchmaking armor slopes into the roof armor.

There will be fair compensations for owners of the pref.

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In our example let it be 8 from 7 to 9 incl. Lower Tier tanks with pref.

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Due to the weak armor penetration of the mm ZIS-6M, it is advised to know the weak spots of the enemy tanks you are facing Lower plate and cupola are usually the most reliable and easy to hit weak spots.

The green area along the bottom has mm of effective armor and the one above the mantlet has mm of effective armor. Some tanks have exclusive battle tiers, you can find the in lower half of a table.

The yellow areas across the frontal turret armor range from mmmm of effective armor while the red sections start at mm and go up to insane values of over mm effective armor.