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In Thailanda pair of lion statues are often placed in front of temple gate as guardian. In Myanmarthe statue of lion called Chinthe guarding the stupas, pagodas, and Buddhist temples in Baganwhile pair of lions are also featured in the country's coat-of-arms.

Southeast Asia[ edit ] Lion guardian of Borobudur Lions were never native animals of Southeast Asia in recorded history. The Snow Lion symbolizes fearlessness, unconditional cheerfulness, east, and the Earth element.

Just like ancient Java, the depiction of lion in ancient Khmer art is not in naturalistic style, more like a symbolic mythical animal derived from Indian Hindu-Buddhist art.

In Borobudur Buddhist monument Central JavaIndonesia andesite stone statues of lions guarding four main entrances of Borobudur.

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Through Persian arts miniatures and paintings, however, the depictions of humans and animals survives. In the modern era, the lion or Merlion became the icon of Singapore due to the island's name.

As the result, the depiction of lion in ancient Southeast Asian art, especially in ancient Java and Cambodiais far from naturalistic style as depicted in Greek or Persian art counterparts, since the artist who carved the lion sculpture never saw the lion before, and all were based on perception and imagination.

In Muslim Spain period, the lion court of Alhambra palace displays the lion statues as supporters and waterspout of fountain. The royal emblem of Cambodia depicting a pair of guardian animals; gajasingha hybrid of elephant and lion and singha lion. The Balinese winged lion often served as the guardian statue or as the pedestal of wooden column.

Lion guardian of BayonAngkor In Cambodia statues of Rockaway dating flanking the temple gate or access roads are commonly found in temples of Angkor.

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Lion Capital of Ashoka Hindu Goddess Durga has an Asiatic lion as her vahanam or divine mount Narasimha "man-lion" also spelt as Narasingh, Narasinga is described as an incarnation Avatara of Vishnu within the Puranic texts of Hinduism and is worshiped as "Lion God" thus Indian or Asiatic lions which were commonly found throughout most of India in ancient times are considered sacred by all Hindus in India.

It is one of the Four Dignities.

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The Merlion also figures heavily in the official symbols of the Philippines as it was once an overseas possession of Spain; it appears on the coat-of-arms of Manilaas well as the emblems of the PresidentVice-Presidentand its navy.

The thrones of Buddha and Boddhisattva found in Kalasan and Mendut buddhist temples of ancient Java depicted elephant, lion, and makara. East Asian traditions[ edit ] A Qing -era guardian lion pair within the Forbidden City The common motif of the "majestic and powerful" lion was introduced to China by Buddhist missionaries from India, somewhere in the first century AD.

The lion is symbolic for the SinhaleseSri Lanka 's ethnic majority; the term derived from the Indo-Aryan Sinhala, meaning the "lion people" or "people with lion blood", while a sword-wielding lion is the central figure on the modern national flag of Sri Lanka.

Bakonga stepped pyramid Hindu temple from earlier period also displays lion statues as guardians of each stage on each of the cardinal points.

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Statue of a pair of lions often founds in temples in Southeast Asia as the gate guardian. The cultural depictions and the reverence of lion as the noble and powerful beast in Southeast Asia was influenced by Indian culture especially through Buddhist symbolism.

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It ranges over the mountains, and is Kenyan christian dating club pictured as being white with a turquoise mane. It was originally only used by Rajputsa Hindu Kshatriya or military caste in India. The Middle Eastern depiction of lions are derived from earlier Mesopotamian Babylonian and Persian arts.

The paws of the lion can still be seen today. Islamic art commonly manifests its aesthetic elements predominantly in Islamic calligraphyfloral, and geometric decorative patterns, since Islamic religious tradition discourages the depictions of humans and living creatures animals in its sculpture.

The style of Thai lion is similar to those of Cambodian, since Thailand derived many of its aesthetics and arts elements from Cambodian Khmer art.

Lions also can be found in Buddhist symbolism.

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Chinese guardian lions are frequently used in sculpture in traditional Chinese architecture. After the birth of the Khalsa brotherhood inthe Sikhs also adopted the name "Singh" due to the wishes of Guru Gobind Singh.

The Snow Lions are mythical creatures that are seen as protector entities. Emperor Ashoka of ancient India uses the emblem of chakra dharmic wheel and lion in his lion pillars erected in his realm in India.

The statue of a winged lion also is found in Penataran temple East Javaas well as in Balinese temples. The lion also features as the carrier or the vehicle of Durgathe Hindu goddess of war, worshipped in and around the Bengal region.

Animals in Islam A page from Kelileh va Demneh datedfrom Herata Persian translation of the Panchatantra — depicts the manipulative jackal-vizier, trying to lead his lion-king into war In Middle Eastern culture, both Arab and Persian, the lion is regarded as the symbol of courage, bravery, royalty, and chivalry.

For instance, in the Forbidden City in Beijingtwo lion statues are seen in almost every door entrance. Singh is an ancient Indian vedic name meaning " lion " Asiatic liondating back more than years to ancient India.

Lions feature prominently in the Tibetan culture with a pair of Snow Lions seen on the Tibetan flag.

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The lion symbolism in India was based upon Asiatic lions that once spread in Indian subcontinent as far as the Middle East. Along with millions of Hindu Rajputs and numerous other Hindu martial groups today, it is also used by more than 20 million Sikhs worldwide.