2 of the 5 deadliest mass shooting in modern US history happened in the last 35 days - CNN 2 of the 5 deadliest mass shooting in modern US history happened in the last 35 days - CNN

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The simple answer is that over the past twenty-five years, Utah men have been quitting the LDS church in unusually large numbers. According to sociologists, economists and psychologists who have studied sex ratios throughout history, the culture is less likely to emphasize courtship and monogamy when women are in oversupply.

After the funeral, Matt took off for the hospital, feeding Madeline from a bottle while still dressed in his funeral suit.

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She explained they required that because this ensured all their members were serious about finding the right person for them. Both of these socially conservative communities are suffering from marriage crises that are testing not only their faiths but social norms as well.

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Both Rapaport and his wife were 36 when I interviewed him. If the shooter was killed or died by suicide during the incident, that death is not included in the total.

Cragun believed the dropout problem among men is the real reason why, inthe LDS church lowered the age at which Mormon men can start serving missions from 19 to Statistically speaking, an atheist meeting may be one of the best places for single women to meet available men.

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Crofts said his office has college-age women coming in for Botox injections. This is not a joke, and it is not funny at all. The shooter dies by suicide. They are known for having large families.

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Perhaps the most controversial—and definitely the most misogynistic— explanation for the Shidduch Crisis was offered up by Yitta Halberstam, coauthor of the best-selling Small Miracles series of books.

There is ample evidence that Mormon men are delaying marriage. I received an email from a hedge fund manager who wanted to talk to me about a job. He then takes his own life.

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Shidduch is the Hebrew word for a marriage match, and Orthodox Jews including the more assimilated Modern Orthodox now refer to the excess supply of unmarried women in their communities as the Shidduch Crisis. Memories still creep up with no sense of order.

The shooter, identified by two law enforcement sources as Devin Patrick Kelley, is found dead after a brief chase, but it's unclear if he is killed or takes his own life. Grief is often sugar-coated and even when it's raw, it's rarely so honest. When I asked Rapaport about the Shidduch Crisis, he seemed perplexed.