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I got the hook up watch online. Older fat gay guy got horny - gay older younger sucking fucking cum swallowing.

Now," was all I said as I pushed his willing and eager mouth down on my cock.

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Maybe it's what they have written or a pic they have posted. While in the bathroom, I came to the conclusion, I've come this far might as well enjoy the ride. As he got up, he went and got me a beer.

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I sat down, feeling the cool leather on my ass and thighs, spreading my legs as I leaned my head back and started to stroke on my hard thick cock.

I could feel his warm breath on me and his 5 o'clock shadow scratching my inner thigh, ever time he swallowed me. I thought the kid before was huge, Fuck me, this thing was already hard and 11" long and thick!

His soft cock took quite a while to get hard, but after sucking him for several minutes, I got him to cum, I kept sucking to get every drop of my reward, until he got tender and pushed my mouth off of him.

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The days of having to put a twenty-word "Personal Ad" in the back of some weekly publication were long gone. I told him to stay in me until he started to get soft, and he did, gripping my hips, and pushing his cum deep into me. He got dressed and asked if he could come back later for more, and of course, I agreed.

The computer barked again, this guy said he would be here in an hour. His tempo started to pick up and I no longer had to push his head down on me.

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I gasped with pleasure as he slowly entered me. I could feel my cock getting harder and my balls started to get tight.

I had to quickly notify my next two hook ups that we would have to wait. No longer were men and women forced to go out to bars or parties and hope to get lucky.

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The first guy was about 63, slender and eager for a blow job. He repeated the question on his phone and said, "She wants you to strip naked. I've always been a fan of the MWM section of the casual encounters, just something so taboo about a man sharing his woman with another man.

By the time he had his entire cock fully inside of me, I was gasping and just acting like I knew what to do.

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It felt like a telephone pole up my butt! Would have enjoyed swallowing it. Getting home, I started to get ready, a shower and a shave were in order. He stood up and I laid out on some pillows on my bed, telling him to lube me up.

It doesn't take long to figure out that most of the posts are fake when it's a professional pic with it. He smiled at me, and said, "That's the scent she wears when she fucks.

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I had never sucked a black man before, and when he took of his pants, I gasped when he exposed his cock. It seemed they were interested in me and that the husband would love to have me over to their place for drinks tonight and to talk.

After a few beers, our conversation had started to turn sexual.

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This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. The next guy was asking for my address. He was a 6'3" mixed race, 23 yrs old.

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He was a giant of a black man. Over the last couple of years, I've developed total ED. Does that make me Bisexual? As I sat there naked on some guys leather couch, I reflected on what I had just done and how far down the rabbit hole I had gone. His name was Tyler and hers was Samantha.

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When he came back into the room, he had a warm washcloth and started to wash and clean my cock. He had a nice 5" thin cock, which I immediately went down on. Just get off in my ass!