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She forgives Stefan for his folly and ambition and the two are reunited and spend the night together like they used to. The strongest and most powerful fairy of all was named Maleficent.

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As night draws, Maleficent and Diaval sneak inside the castle with Phillip and bring him to the sleeping Aurora. Which she should've done last episode. He has her locked up in her room and prepares for Maleficent to arrive.

Stefan brutally beats Maleficent and taunts her.

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Maleficent is surrounded as Stefan enters the scene. Maleficent turns Diaval into a dragon, and he lifts the net off her and manages to fight off the guards. What did you think of the episode? With her wings back, Maleficent is able to fly and she frees Diaval.

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After the farmer runs away in fear, Maleficent approaches the human bird, who introduces himself as Diaval. After glib words about being brave and deciding what kind of man you wanted to be, Papa Jones sold Killian and his brother Liam into slavery in order to get out of a sticky situation.

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A royal christening takes place at the castle and the three pixies Knotgrass, Thistlewit, and Flittle bless the infant princess with magical gifts. The Once cast shares their character's happy endings.

He has every spinning wheel in the kingdom burned and locked away in the deepest dungeon of the castle.

When he informs Maleficent of what he has learnt, she becomes enraged. Even his guyliner looks like it's slid off.

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He also has the three pixies take Aurora into hiding. The story takes inspiration from the animated classic, Sleeping Beautybut from the perspective of the villainous Maleficent.

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Read at your own risk, dearie! What kind of man do you want to be? With the forest army by her side, she engages the King's army in battle, defeating them and wounding the King.

As the sun begins to set, the curse of eternal slumber begins to attract Aurora. Maleficent's close and strong motherly love for Aurora was enough to break the curse that she herself had cast.

Yeah, that's pretty messed up. One day, the Moors was disturbed by the presence of a young peasant boy named Stefan, who tries to steal a jewel from the pool of jewels. Dark Hook is still really butt-hurt over Emma turning him dark though, and wants Excalibur for himself so that he can make her watch everyone she loves die.

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Rumple looks super-happy, which we assume has something to do with reuniting with Belle the previous night. Unfortunately, that faith was unfounded.

Even though he is happy to see his daughter after nearly sixteen years, Stefan is still furious at the pixies because they were supposed to bring her back the day after her sixteenth birthday.

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