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A player cannot be demoted until they have played at least 5 games in their current Division.

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Depending if the Matchmaker expects a player to win or lose a given match up, their MMR may change more or less drastically too. In a perfect world, it would be prime time all the time with players of all skill levels and party combinations playing across the world.

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That value represents how skilled the system thinks the player is overall, based on their match history. The longer the Matchmaker goes without finding an ideal matchup, the looser the restrictions become until a match is found.

MMR is affected by wins and losses, but importantly, who those wins and losses occurred against and whether the Matchmaker expected to see a win or loss during those matches.

Every few seconds, Matchmaker runs thousands of simulations with various combinations of party members and opponents. Lack of data Player has not played many matches in the associated Queue Losing when Matchmaker predicts a win, winning when Matchmaker predicts a loss.

How does duo queue matchmaking work

MMR is a value that is hidden to the player. Players enter the queue of their choice. The queue is populated with a healthy range of players for most regions, most of the time.

The Division breakdown is as follows: An easy way to break it down would be the following: If a player has an exceptionally high MMR for their division, they can skip Divisions upon promotion.

Players earn TP by winning games, they lose TP by losing games. To better explain how Matchmaking works, it is important to define a few of the terms and concepts: These are entirely separate and do not affect each other.

Matchmaking: Frequently Asked Questions

To help combat this, the Matchmaker does the following: So what does the Matchmaking process look like? Teammates have a similar MMR.

Matchmaker looks to build matches where: