How To Wire a 3 Way Light Switch — The Family Handyman How To Wire a 3 Way Light Switch — The Family Handyman

Hookup 3 way switch, what exactly is a 3-way switch?

Cut the cable to the proper length using lineman's pliers or a hacksaw.

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Be sure the circuit is completely dead! Make the connections by placing the wire loops Hookup 3 way switch the screws in a right-hand direction and tightening the screw snugly down on the wires.

Watch a video to learn how to replace a 3-way switch

Add an extra foot for every connection you will make along the line. Note that the shadings of the wires in the illustrations represent actual color. Look at how power is connected at lights: Power Through Light End-wired lights are controlled with two three-way switches with power routed through the light boxes to two-wire cable to the two switches.

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The neutral wire is white. Power Through Light Two three-way switches control one light with the electric power coming through the light on a two wire cable.

Install A Three-Way Switch

Click Image or here to enlarge Diagram Option 3. Which of the brass-colored screws a traveler wire connect to does not matter. Keep reading and learn how to wire a light switch and also use the 3 way switch wiring diagram to learn light switch wiring.

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Are there still questions that you need answered about 3-way switches? Order or download your copy today. With a sharp knife or slitting tool, slit the outer sheathing, being very careful not to cut the insulation covering the wires inside the cable. The switches are wider than regular single-pole switches and they have three terminal screws on the side sometimes back of the switch housing.

How to Wire a Basic 3-Way Switch

For a really good explanation of the differences between a single-pole standard switch and a 3-way switch, check out this video where I provide a great visual demonstration.

Peel back the sheathing and trim it square.

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Turn off the correct circuit at your electrical panel. This way, you will ensure all connections are made properly.

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The traveller wires are connected at the fixture box. Three Way Switch Wire Diagram- Power to Light Switch This three way switch wiring diagram shows how to wire the switches and the light when the power is coming to the light switch.

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White wire taped with black electrician's tape from the nearest switch to a traveller wire that connects the second or end light, then pigtailed to the brass fixture terminal.