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There are to many stories to even begin to Best hookup websites australia. It is said that if you go there at night and park just off the road by the large rocks and flash your lights three times you will see an apparition of a woman carrying a lantern dressed in a white flowing gown coming towards you.

The mansion was since torn down, and a mess hall built where it once stood.

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Officers Quarters' 1 still has a little girl upstairs who died of an illness. The restaurant used to be a brothel when McKinney was first founded. Inmates have reported the spirit touching them, throwing things, flushing toilets, and just making noise.


At one point he toilet seat slammed itself up and down about ten times while we were in the adjacent room. San Angelo - Sun Set Mall - In one of the closets of the old Luby's restaurant, you can hear two little kids playing and talking.

New Braunfels - The Hotel Faust - Newspaper articles about the hotel ghost, noted for drifting in the hallways of an upper floor, entering closed doors, turning water and lights on and off, etc.

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Olney - Hamilton Hospital - At night the old part of the hospital is said to be haunted. He fell asleep behind the wheel and somehow cut himself.

A little later he opened the door from the outside on the first try and left the room on the first try. There is a story of a teacher that told his children they couldn't use the restroom in the gym without permission a child stood in front of the restroom watching and ran in.

They also have reported that they have seen Indians there. It is usually locked, but occasionally residents break in and wander around.

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It is really a great location. Anthony Hotel - A San Antonio Hotel haunted by a Hispanic employee named Anita, an elderly lady in a women's bathroom, a sad young woman who is in the roof ballroom, and a ghostly couple who frequently come back to a certain hotel room to re-live their honeymoon.

Room doors on second and third floor have been heard opening and closing behind staff members when the entire floor was vacant.

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Since then, the have a new road and bridge near an intersection by a white church leading away from the old creepy one, which is in the vicinity of east of the new bridge. The theater is in an old church building and she is usually seen in the choir loft in Victorian garb.

Santa Maria - Iglesia Antigua - in this church you can here noises at night. They say back inshe hung herself.

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When you are in the bike trails you can occasionally hear something walking near to you and people's dogs always bark out of nowhere and you look outside to see what it is nothing is there. Pasadena - Deepwater Jr high - there has been rumors that a girl drowned in the swimming pool when the school was built and now she haunts the girl's locker room by opening lockers and turning on the showers.

They say to this day you can hear the family talking and running threw the trees screaming help.

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Noises that sound like if the place is in working order. We were overnight only. Thereafter, it became an asylum for the mentally challenged.

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It used to be a killing place for slaves and is now said to be haunted. Also reported an apparition of a woman coming from one of the bedrooms, walking past the small hallway and continue to the next room and disappear.

He was dragged inside the bar and passed on there. Nacogdoches - Stephen F. Many claim that in the back of the cemetery there is a statue of Jesus. Toilets flush for no reason.

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But at night if you go and see it his hands are facing down with his thumbs broken off. It has been broken into several times, and graffiti covers the wall.

Marie seems to enjoy the dogs' company, and she tends to sit at the bench closest to the school - anyone who stands near or sits on that bench at night is sure to feel a chill and a sense of restlessness.

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Pearsall - Junior High School - It is said that while constructing the school several years back a construction worker was killed. She is a very nice ghost. It is said that when it use to be a border school there was a girl that was killed in the restroom. I called on a Saturday night after being at the bars downtown.

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