The New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation : Camping The New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation : Camping

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Mcdonalds on oxford road. They've got a chill out area where you can watch skate videos all day!! Get out before all the Scallies and Scum surface though.

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Urbis is a good place to meet up with mates before an adventure out skatin for the day! Near the burnt bins and the burnt tree Definetly afflex.

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Gasworks back in the day. Little Hulton shopping precinct, they are twelve, they are angery and my god they are ugly! Can get a bit cramped with people but always space to sit on the grass or cool off in the fountain!

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The fountain in Picadilly Gardens, the benches at the top of the stairs in the Coliseum, and the basement of the Coliseum. We usually meet at NOTE skate shop. Picadilly Gardens on a Saturday afternoon seems to be a hook-up spot for individuals with identical Korn t-shirts.

Great place for cheap beer and to meet up. The Granby Near Umist.

Coleman Estates

I guess outside of Urbis is pretty popular to, if you wanna spot some people you haven't seen in years. Im one of those"Scallys" who hangs around on Sunnybank, and im also sick to death Hook up manchester nh those old bids who keep moving us on!!

Outside the Triangle on those giant white steps has now been taken over but metla and punk adolescents The burnt down Pavilion in Didsbury Park.

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Just a note; meetin places are best if they are near bus stops or train stations metro included and have easy routes to the best skate spots, so piccadilly gardens usually is cool. Have you even seen what they're doin with it?

Bear Brook State Park Campground

Korn hoodies and offspring Ts ahoy! Afflex Palace top floor cafe for all the youngsters, but it has to be said, it has new owners who are kicking people out for not having bought anything.

Manchester men and women ready to meet up for friendship, love or SEX.

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Metro stations are definetly the best, you can meet straight off the tram instead of prattering around Manchester on your own. Parts of this information have been supplied by: Huge big pit and a bridge, WTF!!!

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No one person is responsible for it all and not all contributors will agree with all the opinions included. Afflecks palace is pretty cool.

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Search Knowhere for something else: Note skateshop always has groups of skaters hitting the streets hanging out. The rest of the places have gone, except perhaps outside the Salisbury off Oxford road on a Friday or Monday night.

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Victoria station the triangle or piccadilly gardens Oldham street is the place to meet!