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All Gays Are Promiscuous: Oogie Boogie has loud, swingy music for both his Leitmotif and his Villain Song! Who would you have control the warehouse?

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Warehouse 13 is part of the "Syfy-verse," existing in the same fictional universe as Eureka and Alphas. One odd little Halloween Town demon "walks" on the tips of its long bat-like wings, with its plump short-legged body suspended between them.

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Who knows how long Jack's been doing the Halloween job? Santy Claws", since they have every intention of involving Oogie Boogie in their plans.

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Wouldn't dream of it, Jack!

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John Adams was a farmer. The people of Halloween Town are macabre, disturbing, and scary, and enjoy things that are dangerous and unpleasant to regular people, but that's just because it's their nature.

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You know, for somebody who's been unconscious for a hundred years, you've really held on to some anger. They're also some of the creepiest, and some of the few who are actually malicious although this may be because of Oogie Boogie's influence.

Used as a weapon aside, of course, from MacPherson stabbing Artie with itit's shown in "The Greatest Gift" to cut through a computer monitor with one swing. Each tree bears a portal which leads to another holiday town.

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In the season 1 finale, Artie, Pete and Myka encounter Timothy Leary's reading glasses, which give its user a sort of drug-influenced view of the world around him. You can imagine that people would be doing all sorts of fun stuff with this -- flying cars, invisible rocket launchers, and probably bazookas that fire penises or something like that.

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In "Insatiable", she does so in a conversation about the living dead. Jack could possibly be the Personification of Halloween. The song "This is Halloween" is ostensibly a description of the nature of Halloweentown, but its real purpose in the film is to build up to Jack's grand appearance.

Pete does this in " She's right, of course.

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At the same time, his wife would be equally crippled. Frederic hasn't aged a day for at least a century or so, thanks to her connection to the Warehouse.

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Jack, who is very theatrical and active. Jesus was a carpenter.

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