Gender Recognition on Dutch Tweets - PDF Gender Recognition on Dutch Tweets - PDF

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However, our starting point will always be SVR with token unigrams, this being the best performing combination. This meant that, if we still wanted to use k-nn, we would have to reduce the dimensionality of our feature vectors.

This number was treated as just another hyperparameter to be selected. On Gratis dating voor jeugd female side, we see a representation of the world of the prototypical young female Twitter user. We start with the accuracy of the various features and systems Section 5.

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The most obvious male is authorwith a resounding Looking at his texts, we indeed see a prototypical young male Twitter user: In the following sections, we first present some previous work on gender recognition Section 2. Normalized 4-gram About K features.

In this case, the Twitter profiles of the authors are available, but these consist of freeform text rather than fixed information fields.

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Clearly, shopping is also important, as is watching soaps on television gtst. With these main choices, we performed a grid search for well-performing hyperparameters, with the following investigated values: However, we cannot conclude that what is wiped away by the normalization, use of diacritics, capitals and spacing, holds no information for the gender recognition.

The ones used more by women are plotted in green, those used more by men in red. In this paper we restrict ourselves to gender recognition, and it is also this aspect Senior dating kansas city will discuss further in this section.

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Then we outline how we evaluated the various strategies Section 3. Although we agree with Nguyen et al. With lexical N-grams, they reached an accuracy of However, his Twitter network contains mostly female friends.

Roughly speaking, it classifies on the basis of noticeable over- and underuse of specific features. For each blogger, metadata is present, including the blogger s self-provided gender, age, industry and astrological sign.

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Next we see personal care, with nagels nailsnagellak nail polishmakeup makeupmascara mascaraand krullen curls. When running the underlying systems 7. Here the grid search investigated: Several errors could be traced back to the fact that the account had moved on to another user since We could have used different Gratis dating voor jeugd strategies, but chose balanced folds in order to give a equal chance to all machine learning techniques, also those that have trouble with unbalanced data.

The class separation value is a variant of Cohen s d Cohen Top Function Words The most frequent function words see kestemont for an overview. Results In this section, we will present the overall results of the gender recognition.

An alternative hypothesis was that Sargentini does not write her own tweets, but assigns this task to a male press spokesperson.

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For this reason, we did all classification with SVR and LP twice, once building a male model and once a female model. Then we will focus on the effect of preprocessing the input vectors with PCA Section 5.

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All users, obviously, should be individuals, and for each the gender should be clear. This corpus has been used extensively since.

The exception also leads to more varied classification by the different systems, yielding a wide range of scores. Interestingly, it is SVR that degrades at higher numbers of principal components, while TiMBL, said to need fewer dimensions, manages to hold on to the recognition quality.

With one exception author is recognized as male when using trigramsall feature types agree on the misclassification.