Lower Hutt radiocarbon dating lab helps sort antiques from modern shams | jwarlock.com Lower Hutt radiocarbon dating lab helps sort antiques from modern shams | jwarlock.com

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Ross Giblin Minute samples are tested to confirm whether or not the artefact they come from is really a Roman musical instrument. It turned out that an old exhibition catalogue had made its way back to China where forgers had replicated exactly the styles and motifs.

The machine measures quantities so small they can be compared to one business card out of a stack that reaches to the Sun and back three times. Sample material is heated to turn it into carbon dioxide gas.

GNS scientists said research into the role of carbon in the atmosphere, water and land needed to continue. Radiocarbon dating of the linen lining from the sarcophagus, however, put its age at BC.

Here, time is measured in milligrams. Radiocarbon dating was invented by American Willard Libby in the late s. Sometimes it's a story nobody is expecting.

The new machine is twice as fast. That makes it special. The unit, with two staff, dates between and samples annually. The reason the frame was replaced by an overzealous staff member — its poor condition — was probably the same reason Lamb chose it in the first place.

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The samples also needed to be huge. The Government's new science funding regime has changed the focus to practical research of direct benefit to the economy. Assays are often used to prove antiquity forgeries. But O'Reilly could tell the frame was much older and did not appear to be either French or English.

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No decision has been made about what to do with the old omachine, which will operate in tandem with the new one for a time. GNS Science CEO Alex Malahoff said the modern machine "will help to strengthen the scientific research culture in New Zealand, and it will improve our ability to attract and retain world-class scientists.

It is somebody's sweaty little footprints right there and all of a sudden, you feel like you're there years ago. The centre's director, Frank Bruhn, said that Gns water dating lab "one of the main drivers" of the decision to buy.