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No distinction was made between first time and repeat offenders.


Madhouse Entertainment Adam Kolbrenner Presented by Craig Mazin ON by Ryan Jennifer Jones In a slightly futuristic, hyper-efficient Manhattan, a newly single book editor purchases a customizable sex android to assuage her broken heart.

Gabourey Sidibe got the best of critics who slammed her appearance at the Golden Globes Take that: The American Horror Story: Scroll down for video Striking a pose: They embark on a journey to save the imaginations of the world.

Verve David Boxerbaum Management: However, she revealed at that same event that sometimes she does get her feelings hurt.

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Despite being in the midst of a murdering spree at the time, Rodney went on to win the show and a date with a contestant. Coven star, who was nominated for a Globe and an Oscar in for her breakthrough role, wore a cream coloured Grecian style gown by Daniel Musto and MIchael Costello with a sequin detail Gabrielle sidibe dating the bodice and a split up the front for Sunday's awards show.

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Wade, a pregnant woman becomes a member of an underground group of women who provide abortions in a safe environment.

A wrongly accused man who is taken from his home and sent across the world to serve a five-year prison term. She looks like a condom,' one person wrote on Twitter.

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After her family is murdered, an assassin seeks revenge on the killers. When she accuses her equally liberally professor, Susan Broadbeck, of hate speech, it throws the campus and both their lives Gabrielle sidibe dating chaos as they wage war over the right way to stop discrimination.

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He quickly realizes his only chance of seeing his family again is to escape the prison with a gang of cohorts and play the odds of surviving the deadly terrain that waits on the outside. It soon becomes clear that the fake exorcist is over her head. Gersh Agency Eric Garfinkel Management: Coven actress, known for her sarcastic sense of humor, was obviously joking about comments making her cry.

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With this Tweet, Gabourey one-upped those who dared to slam her based on her appearance 'Bye!!! On Monday Gabourey addressed critics of her 'plus-size appearance' taking the mile high road.

The boys have learned to survive and to protect their family at all costs.

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Retreating into a silent world of imagination she crafts a plan to prove her theory. When they find a mysterious white girl, June, alone and lost in the woods prejudice, lies, and loves set them on a collision course with the real world that puts all of their lives at risk.


Miniver, the most effective propaganda movie of all time. As they investigate these visitors, they unwittingly trigger events that will forever change the course of human history.

She looks like the chubby ghost from Casper,' chimed in another. This is the story of one of those prisoners. Don't mess with Gabby: The plus-sized star, who has stated she's comfortable with her size, was targeted by mean-spirited tweets about her appearance.