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Restore or leave it as it is or it would make a good parts piece, but parts for these little guns are pretty easy to source.

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The Bengal Sultanatewhere cowrie shells was used as legal tender, was one of the principal trading partners of the Maldives. What is believed to be his original Royal Artillery brass cap badge and shoulder badges. A very good quality Luftwaffe cap eagle, a good early one made of aluminium, hollow back with heavy flat pins.

The Hilt has a heavy steel basket guard, this is heavily pitted, a shaped composite grip with a steel pommel.

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Comes in very good condition for its age, it has been folded and well stored. It measures just over 7.

The inside still has the fabric compartments for the shells, there is wear here, some of the fabric has worn through, due to use. Middle Eastern seafarers had just begun to take over the Indian Ocean trade routes in the 10th century and found Maldives to be an important link in those routes as the first landfall for traders from Basra sailing to Southeast Asia.

The Division was positioned along the River Piave.

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He landed in France on the 27th August Part of 15th Brigade, 5th Division and took part in the following engagements; In the restoration of the sultanate perpetuated the rule of the past.

Here Callaghan would have collected the worst of the wounded that could travel from the field ambulances and clearing stations, and by convoy, take the wounded to a general hospitals in northern Greece, 16 corps headquarters at Kirechkoi; Greece was mostly neutral during the war but its military and government had sympathisers for both sides.

Original German Feldgendarmerie or Field police badge worn by ranks up to Lieutenant, it was worn on the upper part of the left arm, on field and service tunics. Luckily for Yello, she decides to call in her coach to see if he can help her out and this lucky guy is more than willing to play ball--that is, having naughty Ms.

Still a good heavy piece of 19th century shooting memorabilia.

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For sale to UK mainland only. The islands thus achieved full political independence, with the ceremony taking place at the British High Commissioner's Residence in Colombo. The enamelled badge, probably the most common thing found from this organisation these days, it has a small area of damage to the enamel.

A lovely untouched tactile badge, measuring;????

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This was the women's wing of the Nazi Party. It comes in a little handmade soft leather sheath with belt loop. They have a long slender edge-less triangular blade with a small cross guards with ball finials and matching grip, all made from white metal.