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To enable QGIS to properly parse the file, it is important to select the correct delimiter. Cela supprimera de votre ordinateur le fichier ADS. As result, if we open such a map in QGIS, we will see two far, distinct locations, that should appear near each other.

This is by design, and it includes the identify, select, labeling and attributes functions. To define a new connection, click on [New] and use the file browser to point to your SpatiaLite database, which is a file with a. But first check that the file meets the following requirements: Lorsque vous voyez le fichier, faites un double clic dessus.

See section Extension DB Manager for more information.

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Il est inclus dans GDAL. Cet outil est inclus dans la distribution de PostGIS.

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To add the layer to the map, click [OK]. Vector data can also be loaded in read mode from zip and gzip archives into QGIS.

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Of course, this requires having data in PostgreSQL. Many of the features available in QGIS work the same, regardless of the vector data source.

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Chaque ligne d'un log HijackThis commence par un nom de section. Cela transformera la ligne en commentaire, si bien que Windows ne l'utilisera pas. The following options are available: If this occurs, the solution is to alter the view so that it does include a suitable column a type of integer and either a primary key or with a unique constraint, preferably indexed.

You can also select the encoding for the shapefile if desired. Your customized settings for QGIS are stored based on the operating system: You can specify a delimiter by activating Custom delimiters, or by activating Regular expression delimiter and entering text into the Expression field.


In QGIS, this column needs to be of type int4 an integer of size 4 bytes. Name of the database host. Tutoriel sur l'utilisation de Spybot - Search and Destroy en anglais. For tables, this usually means that the table needs a primary key, or a column with a unique constraint on it.

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Essaye une connexion SSL. Defining a spatial view provides a powerful means to visualize your data. Of course, this requires having data in Oracle. If a suitable column does not exist in the view, QGIS will not load the layer.

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