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Thomas Aquinas in Rome. The mission of the Eparchy is rung to overcome the objectives of the two wings, which are listed below: Since then working in harmony with the dominating Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church and other evangelical denominations, now a time the Catholic Church in Ethiopia has grown to 13 dioceses throughout the country.

He was ordained priest in and holds a degree in spirituality from the Pontifical University of St.

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The office facilitates the implementation of the Pastoral objectives and policies of the Ethiopian Catholic Church in the Eparchy. With division of the Church into West and East, Ethiopia which had a direct link with the Patriarchate in Alexandria automatically lost its communion with Rome.

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Then, after three years, due to the vastness of the Archdiocese and massiveness of the work to be done, Emeritus Pop Benedict 16th appointed an Auxiliary bishop for Archdiocese of Addis Ababa, while alleviating Branch office of Bahir Dar to Pastoral Territory level.

So that finally all may inhert the promise of the lord, eternity. Different efforts Ethiopia dessie dating been exerted to establish link between Ethiopia and the Holy See and finally in the 16th century the catholic faith was once again re-established. Indeed the has lesson a great challenges of the branch office and create an opportunity to broaden the work of Catholic church and strengthen, the first and new evangelization program in the Pastoral Territory.

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In JanuaryPope Frances felt need of alleviating the pastoral Territory to Eparchy level, and appointed a full responsible bishop to overlook the socio-pastoral activities of the catholic church as well as encourage the faithful, strengthen, ecumenical relation with sister churches.

The BahirDar Dessie eparchy is made up of different administrative zones, ethnic composition and religious mix.

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But still there was an immense work load on the responsible Bishop. The headquarters of the new diocese will be in Bahir Dar. In order to expand and deepen its evangelization through pastoral, educational and other social developments, the Holy See has decided to install a bishop for newly establish eparchy called Bahir Dar Dessie.

The new eparchy is based in BahirDar and caters for three communities quite different in nature. With its historical and commercial strong connection with the Middle East time immemorial: The office facilitates the implementation of the Social and Development objectives and policies of the Ethiopian Catholic Church in the Eparchy.

Km Populations 18, Before the alleviation to Eparchy level, the catholic socio- pastoral activity in Amhara and Benshagul gumuz area has been implemented by Archdiocese of Addis Ababa, infor close follow up and effective implementation of different activities, the Archdiocese has established a branch office in Bahir Dar.

In order to address the pastoral, developmental and social needs of the society, BahirDar Dessie Eparchy Catholic Secretariat designs its engagements accordingly.

The new diocese in Ethiopia has joined Asian dating pennsylvania the two districts of Bahir Dar and Dessie.