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In economics an externality is a by-product of a production process that imposes burdens or supplies benefitsto parties other than the intended consumer of a commodity. Web spam[ edit ] As search engines have become the primary means for finding and accessing information on the web, high rankings in the results for certain queries have become valuable commodities, due to the ability of search engines to focus searchers' attention.

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Dolgin also states that a superfluidity of information may hinder the decision making of an individual who keeps searching and comparing products as long as it promises to provide more than it is using up. Attention is therefore a major and the first stage in the process of converting non-consumers.

This evolved from an article on the Federal Communications Commission Coasein which Coase claimed that radio frequency interference is a negative externality that could be controlled by the creation of property rights.

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For example, the use of e-mail or text messages for rallying political support or by non-profit charitable organizations may be considered spam by some users but legitimate use by others. A experiment with this kind of usage-based e-mail pricing found that it caused senders to spend more effort targeting their messages to recipients who would find them relevant, thus shifting the cost of deciding whether a given e-mail message is relevant from the recipient to the sender Kraut There is no opportunity for negotiation over the question of what is an appropriate use of attention expressed through hyperlinking.

Sales lead generation[ edit ] The paid inclusion model, as well as more pervasive advertising networks like Yahoo! Coase theorem One application treats various forms of information spam, advertising as a form of pollution or 'detrimental externality'.

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Spammers are demanding valuable attention from potential customers, but they are avoiding paying a fair price for this attention due to the current architecture of e-mail systems. This is somewhat different from the anti-spam uses of property rights in attention, which treat an individual's attention as his Are you the dating type quiz her own property.

There is also a philosophical question of whether the links of site commentators as opposed to site owners should be treated as "second-class," leading to the claim that the attribute "heists commentators' earned attention" NoNoFollow.

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Economics of dating video advertising "Attention economics" treats a potential consumer's attention as a resource. Laws against spam put the power to make this decision in the hands of government, while technological solutions like filtering technologies put it in the hands of private companies or technologically savvy users.

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Thus sending out as much spam as possible is a rational strategy: Costs could also vary for an individual depending on context, perhaps rising during the busy holiday season and falling during the dog days of summer. Publisher Network and Google's AdSensework by treating consumer attention as the property of the search engine in the case of paid inclusion or the publisher in the case of advertising networks.

Supporters of attention markets for controlling spam claim that their solutions are superior to the alternatives for managing uses of information systems on which there is no consensus on the question of whether it is pollution or not.

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The cost of these rights could vary according to the interruptee: Furthermore, the "nofollow" attribute does nothing to combat link farming or reciprocal linking. Coase's approach to the management of externalities requires the careful specification of property rights and a set of rules for the initial allocation of the rights.

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Closely related is the idea of selling "interrupt rights," or small fees for the right to demand one's attention Fahlman Another issue, similar to the issue discussed above of whether or not to consider political e-mail campaigns as Economics of dating video, is what to do about politically motivated link campaigns or Google bombs Tatum Participants in this market engage in a variety of practices known as link spamminglink farmingand reciprocal linking.