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When my husband works 40 hours by mid week, when he gets in at midnight, when equipment breaks or the weather is not cooperating. You cannot leave the field to go eat, so you bring the food to the field.

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Life is what you make of it and so are dates. If this course persists however, and time spent together continues to remain infrequent, common interests will begin to fade causing disappointment, discouragement and creating emotional distance for the once happy couple.

But to me they are. Even more so, I would have to give up the idea that the man should be responsible for initiating or planning the date. At this point the important becomes critical.

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These are not dates, how could they be dates? Yes, those are all dates! If that makes any sense. The time and energy that once fed the relationship is now given to other things— necessary things, good things: Bring them food when they are out working.

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Those fulfilled needs are probably what led you to the alter in the first place. Just bring them food. The most important resource your marriage will require is your time!

In the process however, the needs of the spouse can easily begin to lose priority.

Work along side of them. Milking cows together, going to the livestock sale together, etc. When your day is done, look around at the amazing life you have together. Never Stop Dating Before you were married, most likely, both you and your spouse-to-be would strive to meet each others needs.

I decided to create a list for those that might be having the same struggles as I have and sometimes still do.

Whatever their interests are, do your best to be interested too. You say that is not dating? I know what you are thinking.

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Just go with it. A coffee in the morning, a sandwich for lunch, a warm meal for dinner or fast food when you are on your way home from work. Then the possibilities are endless. We tend to deal with the urgent at the expense of the important until the important becomes urgent.

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Frequently, when a couple marries, the resources once spent in pursuit of the spouse-to-be are now allocated elsewhere, and the relationship wanes. If their passion is cows, then you should do your best to like cows too.

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It is simply because farmers just do not have much time. It is when you are with a farmer. Cows is a horrible example because how could anyone not like cows. An essential part of a successful marriage is a date night.